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  1. GustoGuy

    Rupp Roadster 2 Seat pan off center after wheelie incident

    Let my wife's nephew ride a couple of weeks and despite telling him not to gun it and take off easy he wheelied my stage 3 Predator 212cc Resto-mod Rupp over. I used a block and tackle with a hand winch to bend down the pan into place now when I am trying to put it together the license plate...
  2. GustoGuy

    Larger more tooth replacement jackshaft sprocket for a 1971 Rupp Roadster 2

    I have a stage 3 Predator 212cc Billet rod and flywheel with 22mm Mukuni and a couple weeks ago my wife's nephew wheelied it over. I believe that the stock Rupp jackshaft sprocket is a 10 tooth 41 pitch. Would installing a bigger 12T or 14T jackshaft sprocket soften the acceleration off the...
  3. GustoGuy

    High speed "Plan of (the seat pan) attack "

    Last week Saturday I made the mistake of letting my wife's 34 year old nephew who claims to have riden a 125cc Yamaha dirt bike during his teenage years ride my Resto-mod Rupp Roadster 2. I told him not to gun it and to takeoff gently since on a paved surface with lots of traction it has enough...
  4. GustoGuy

    Putting a TAV 30 series in Baja DB30 comes with 12T 35 chain jackshaft would a 14t or 15t jackshaft sprocket help to improve top speed?

    Gearing question. I have a stage 1 Predator 212cc in my Baja DB30 and tired of dealing with the chain tensioner and clutch setup I currently have. I bought a 30 series TAV and it comes with a 12T 35 chain jackshaft sprocket. I want to soften the acceleration and get a little better top speed and...
  5. GustoGuy

    I have a resto-mod Rupp Roadster 2 with non hemi Predator 212cc

    Top speed mid 50mph. GPS clocked it at 53mph still a bit of top end left . ARC Billet rod and flywheel with 22lb valve springs. Stock camshaft holding me back? Pulls really hard to 40mph after that acceleration flattens out a bit. Bottom end torque really good will pull a wheelie if you cracked...
  6. GustoGuy

    K10 Suzuki Project

    For my next upgrade on progect Resto-mod minibike I will be installing a full hydraulic fork from a Suzuki K10 Motorcycle. It has 5 full inches of high quality oil dampened travel to soak up the bumps when trail riding. I replaced the spring on a tube rear stock shocks with genuine 13 and...
  7. GustoGuy

    Modifying a stock Rupp Roadster 2 TAV bracket to fit on a Predator 212cc.

    Putting a Predator 212cc on Rupp Roadster 2 can be a challenge since some of the stock parts do not fit the Predator 212cc. Exhaust and carburetor intake manifold and TAV bracket are 3 of the biggest problems. Thankfully the exhaust problem has been fixed by Robertson Torque tubes which fits...
  8. GustoGuy

    Modification of a Tecumseh HS40 Bracket for Rupp Roadster 2

    I am building a Resto-mod Rupp Roadster 2 complete with a Harley Davidson Daymaker clone on it. Mounting the factory TAV cover is a bit complicated since the original style Rupp TAV bracket does not fit on a "P" engine. I am modifying the stock bracket with some steel stock 16 Guage. I seen lot...
  9. GustoGuy

    Will a Rupp Roadster 2 switch handle a 12 volt 45 watt LED headlamp amperage ?

    I bought a new reproduction Rupp switch from Blackwidowmotorsports and I have a 30 watt low beam 45 watt high beam Daymaker LED clone that I bought from Amazon. According to a calculation the max amp that a 45 watt bulb would draw at 12 volts is 3.75 amps. Will the Rupp Roadster 2 factory style...
  10. GustoGuy

    Started painting my Rupp Roadster 2.

    I started painting my 1971 Rupp Roadster 2 Green Metallic since that was the original color. Prepping the gas tank is the most drawn out process and I keep adding build up sanding primer to get rid of any small dents which there are quite a few which keep appearing when rotating the tank in the...
  11. GustoGuy

    Engine mounting on 1971 to 1975 Rupp Roadster 2 round or slotted holes

    Looking at the bottom of my frame it appears that the engine bolts onto the frame with the 4 small round holes rather than the slotted holes based on the round marks left on the frame. Just making sure since I am going to paint my frame tomorrow and clearcoat it this weekend. I plan on...
  12. GustoGuy

    My Predator 212cc running ARC billet rod and ARC billet flywheel and 22lb valve springs and 22mm Mikuni carburetor

    Here is what I will be putting on my resto-mod Rupp Roadster 2. It should be in the neighborhood of about 12 to 13hp. It still has the stock camshaft so I doubt it will turn much more than 6000rpms when it is attached to the 20 series TAV on the bike. Should I pony up another $75 or more dollars...
  13. GustoGuy

    Will the Chinese Mikuni clones adjustable intake manifold allow you to "clock level" a Mikuni style carburetor on a 1971 Rupp Roadster 2?

    I just installed my 22lb valve springs and ARC billet con rod and my ARC billet flywheel in my non-hemi 212cc Predator and I absolutely hate the goofy spring pulled throttle set up on the Predator 212cc with the cheap plastic throttle almost seems like flipping a light switch when compared to...
  14. GustoGuy

    I am using a 4.5 inch wide fiberglass fender to make a fender for my Rupp Roadster 2

    I found a fiberglass fender on and I am modifying it to look more like a Rupp Roadster 2 fender. I cut it down to just over 25 inches long from the original 28.5 inches. I also removed the rear shaped fender edge and using my front fender recreated the same shape which looks just...
  15. GustoGuy

    Does anyone know which color was the most popular in 1971 for Rupp Roadster 2?

    Upon sanding my bike for painting I found that the original color was red on the frame and the swingarm so I know I have a 1971 bike. I am wondering if anybody here knows the most popular colors roughly in there order for the 1971 Rupp Roadster 2?
  16. GustoGuy

    Replacing my deteriorated 1971 Rupp Roadster 2 swingarm bushing

    Well it turns out my bike is a 1971 since the rear swingarm was red. I gently sanded through the yellow an the frame was red.
  17. GustoGuy

    I notice that 1973 to 1975 Rupp Roadster 2 all seem to have a rear sprocket with oblong shaped holes. Were 1972 bikes a mix of oblong and round?

    I have a 1971+ style frame Rupp Roadster 2 that I am going to be doing a Resto-mod on it since I do not have a good running period correct Tecumseh HS40. Whoever owned my bike went and painted it Yellow however I see around the rear shocks were the washer was that the swingarm that the color was...
  18. GustoGuy

    Can you put a new 6 inch comet driven 20 or 30 series on a Rupp Roadster 2 Jackshaft?

    There are 3 styles of Comet TAV. Comet 20 series and 30 series. I am pretty sure the 40 Series would be way too big for a minibike. The 20 series is symmetrical belt \/ and the 30 series is asymmetrical \ [. Which one will fit better onto the factory Rupp secondary jackshaft? Which TAV...
  19. GustoGuy

    It is almost impossible to find decent condition Rupp Roadster 2 fenders.

    I hate bidding on Ebay for stuff only to get sniped with 12 seconds left in the auction. I am surprised that nobody makes rear fenders for the 1971 to 1975 Rupp Roadster 2 minibikes with the 12 inch wheel. Lots of fenders being sold on Ebay are either rusted or cracked or both. Or they are...
  20. GustoGuy

    Exhaust on a Predator 212cc powered Rupp Roadster 2

    I see OldMiniBikes sells an under the seat exhaust for the Predator 212cc with threaded canister muffler. Has anyone used this exhaust system in a slant engine mounted Rupp Roadster 2? It looks like I may need to bend it down slightly due to the angled mount of the engine. Would a propane torch be enough...