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  1. topblissgt

    RLV VS. $6 Chinese hot dog muffler.

    I have a header and rejetted Tillotson PK1b carb on a predator 212 and wanted to let you know the sound difference in db of the two mufflers for those who were wondering. Open header idle- 101 db Open header WOT- 120 db Hot dog idle- 95 db Hot dog WOT- 113 db RLV idle- 98 db RLV WOT- 120 db...
  2. topblissgt

    got my DB30 done juast the way I wanted it..

    First two pics are today after I got it back together and the last two are as bought it 60 days ago
  3. topblissgt

    torque converter bronze bushing issue

    I just scored a DB 30 with a 212 predator and chinese torque converter install. Running it around in the yard for 15 minutes, broke the bronze bushing. It seems to run fine without and the only way I knew was when I took off the converter cover to peek inside and to check that all the bolts were...
  4. topblissgt

    my newly restored DB 30 witrh a 6.5 hp predator conversion. wow!

    Just brought home this DB30 with a monster enging conversion. It also has a OldMiniBikes header and torque converter and throttle bracket. Just finished 4 months ago. I have not been on a mini bike since the mid 70's when I had a 3.5 HP Rupp sprint. Wow what a difference. Im from South Jersey .