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  1. manco12

    Polished Aluminum/Rubber Grips $9 shipped

    I'll sell these grips for $9 shipped priority mail if someone buys them before tomorrow morning. Have some scuffs on end caps, One is 7/8" the other one is bigger for the throttle tube. PayPal Preferred. Thanks First one to post gets 'em, PM's etc dont count.
  2. manco12

    How do I contact Nrracing?

    I ordered a bunch of stuff including a race air filter kit. The race air filter kit didn't come with the air filter itself. I got the 2 day shipping because I wanted to have it but I went to put the parts on and there was no air filter. The Predator 420cc air filter is a piece of foam, I'm...
  3. manco12

    tav gear ratios

    Hi, It's been a while but I started riding the mini bike again :scooter: ... I was wondering the biggest tav sprocket I could reasonably put on my Puma would be. With 19" rear tire, 50 tooth rear sprocket, and 8 tooth tav sprocket @ 3600rpm that puts me at a 6.25:1 gear ratio... about 32 mph...
  4. manco12

    My bike.

    Anyone want to identify this? :blink:
  5. manco12

    Brake levers

    Would a different brake lever for the Baja Warrior/Serengeti Puma mini bikes help? The problem I have is that now that I'm using the original rear wheel and brake assembly again, the rear wheel isn't perfectly straight. So if I adjust the brake how it should be, the drum brake rubs a little...
  6. manco12

    Disc Brake

    Up for sale is a disc brake like the one linked below. It's never been used however the rod on it has been cut when I attempted to fit it somewhere where it wasn't going to, was being optimistic I guess. Has been taken apart but everything should be there. It's never been used. Comes as...
  7. manco12

    Serengeti Puma/Baja? Rear Axle

    Hi, If anyone has a Rear axle that will fit a Serengeti Puma, I'd love to snatch it from you as mine is bent and it'll cause the brake to rub if adjusted properly. Thanks
  8. manco12

    Modifications you regret?

    Anyone have modifications they've done to their bikes that they regret doing? It can be for any reason... Make me feel better :laugh:
  9. manco12

    Don't trust Home Deopt Pickup

    Home Depot Order Online Pickup in store...Just don't do it... Different stores may be better than others but my Home Depot Store certainly wasn't so good. In the end I'm only out $5 apparently though for something I ordered and they said I picked it up when I didn't. One of the things didn't...
  10. manco12

    TAV Driven - Bad Spring

    Up for sale is a TAV Driven Clutch for $25 shipped. The Green Spring somehow got messed up. So selling as for parts or repair. I just replaced it with a a Chinese driven because I didn't have time to mess with it and knowing me I probably wouldn't put a new spring on correctly. Other than...
  11. manco12

    Today's Accomplishment

    I partially untwisted a drill bit.
  12. manco12

    Baja 165/200 Rear Wheel/Brake Assembly

    Up for sale is a rear wheel assembly from a Serengeti Puma. Everything pictured is included. The tire has a slice in it so I don't know what needs to be done with that, if it can be patched or if you can use a tube, I don't know. If you want any other parts that go along with the rear...
  13. manco12

    DB30 brake caliper on sprocket

    Would a db30 brake caliper fit on a 420 Sprocket used on the Baja 200/Puma? If the sprocket is too wide, is there any way to get it to work? I want a simple brake setup. I have one of like Disc brake assembly. Uses R490 replacement pucks. but it would be a pain to install.
  14. manco12

    Baja/Puma Jackshaft with sprockets

    Hi, I have a Baja/Puma Jackshaft Assembly with sprockets for sale. The sprockets and bearings are included. The chain tensioner is not included. The pictures below are of the exact item that you will receive, however it will be shipped with the sprockets taken off to possibly save on...
  15. manco12

    Disc brake return spring?

    I have a quick question. From what I see teh disc brakes from bicycles do not need a return spring but Go Kart GoCart Minibike Mini Bike Brake Disc Caliper | eBay does. Is that correct? Thanks
  16. manco12

    I did it! (A tire thread)

    I bought some 21's for the Puma and so far put the rear tire on its rim. A nice shiny polished aluminum new rim, rim. Last night I put some dish soap on the valve stem and pulled it through with some Vise Grips. That was pretty easy. I've never mounted a tire before, so that was new to me...
  17. manco12

    Don't rely on lock washers alone.

    video: do lock washers actually do anything? | Product Development Notebook I was wondering if lock washers actually kept bolts tight or not after the bolt in my engine shaft holding the torque converter on came loose. The outside of the driver clutch no longer fits on tightly, it will now...
  18. manco12

    Do I have OCD if...

    ...I'm planning on buying a variety of bolts and nuts in common sizes for mini bikes and labeling each one with a fine point Sharpie?
  19. manco12

    Who has the best governed clone?

    I'm going to be working with a governed clone and am getting a UNI, Exhaust, and E-tube but I honestly don't know what else would be beneficial for a governed engine. Most of the performance parts seem to be made for higher RPM. Other than a head and some little things possibly. Are there any...
  20. manco12

    UNI filter for ARC CNC Adapter

    affordablegokarts: Air Filter, UNI Dual Layer ARC Air Filter Adapter - ARC6934 Does that air filter adapter require the 2-7/16" filter? I know that's what the air filter adapter on AGK requires, are they the same size though? Thanks