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  1. zefer

    Custom motovox 80

    I am in the process of building a little motovox 80.I just got the frame and assorted parts back from the powder coating shop The main color is a prismatic powder…illusion cherry. I had a bunch of stuff cericoated as well picked it all up at 1 yesterday and by 4 pm I had this. I will keep...
  2. zefer

    My one off motovox 80

    I don’t really post much but I think I owe it to the forum that’s been awesome to be associated to contribute So I’ll tell you what’s been going on in my garage. I started with a mega moto bare roller ( which I think is a really versatile chassis which lends itself to some creative fabrication...
  3. zefer

    Murray track 2

    Don’t know where me post went about the Murray track 2 but I’m looking for one I’ll consider a rough roller to a done bike Thanks
  4. zefer

    Murray track 2

    I am looking for a Murray track 2 for a project I have in mind I’ll consider any thing in any condition