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    Bird Duck Or Golden Pinto

    Looking for a seat with brackets or just the brackets and a brake shoe for the scrub brake , Thanks PM Me with price shipped to 44905 Ohio ,, Inexpensive Please ? :thumbsup:
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    Can I fix this clutch ?

    You can get a rebuild kit from MGF suppy here is the link .. Max-Torque Chain Drive Centrifugal Clutches & Parts
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    Ruttman Ugly sticker

    Thanks a bunch guys ,, :) :thumbsup:
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    Ruttman Ugly sticker

    Not to steal the thread but would anyone know on what side and if front or rear is the serial number plate installed ?
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    New Doodlebug db30 engine...

    Put it on Ebay I got 91.00 for one of mine this summer plus a 30.00 shipping charge ,, :thumbsup:
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    WTB Bird front forks

    I have a whole frame with repairable forks if ya interested .. your coming my way soon anyway ,, sell the whole frame with forks for 65.00 here was the old ad off OldMiniBikes
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    Speedway 14 inch wheeled bike

    They were beyond worn out , I made a guy a deal on all the left overs over a year ago ,, They are all gone ,, there was one on Ebay a weeek or so ago
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    Speedway 14 inch wheeled bike

    This was a Speedway Red Baron before I did an all over to it back in 08 and 09 , the thread is here on OldMiniBikes if you want to look it up ,, It has a NOS front Rim with new tires and tubes front and rear , new Chain , I changed over the old Torque Converter to a NEW style Series 30 comet with a new...
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    2- DB-30's

    Any Bites on the Yellow one before I go to Ebay with it ? please use the PMs I get them faster ,, OK ?
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    2- DB-30's

    Blue Bike is Sold on its way to Mich ..
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    2- DB-30's

    The Blue bike is Pending Pick Up this afternoon ,,,
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    Rock n Roll all nite

    I also saw Kiss in the Mid 70s twice I was still in high school .. It was quite the show back then ,, been years since I have seen anyone ,, Went to See Toby Keith a few back , A Friend gave me tickets , it was at Blossom also .. good show :thumbsup:
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    2- DB-30's

    I have a stock Yellow db-30 I replaced the carb on and installed a Jackshaft kit from Promod on , this is a new bike , I am asking 300.00 for it I have a New Blue DB30 I had installed a china pit bike front end on and it has a new 6.5 engine with a honda flat top piston , ARC Rod , Gov...
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    70's heald

    Wait and buy a whole bike ,, might cost less in the big picture over buying one in parts ,,, Unless you just need a frame that is
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    Mustang pics

    My 2005 Convertible
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    Bird Duck Or Golden Pinto

    I have decided to sell my frame due to it needing so many extra parts , I have bikes that are more complete so they will get finished first , It is the frame only no shocks , seat , wheels and it is missing the scub brake shoe .. I just had it sandblasted last week so it is down to bare metal...
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    Sears SR 2 speed chrome edition

    Nice Job work and Bike ....:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    New project

    This turned out real nice for you ,, :thumbsup:
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    JC Agajanian "Aggie" Roller $150.00

    IF I was closer I would get that off you ,nice bike :thumbsup:
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    Ruttman new seat

    They were orange from the factory ,, So that is what I did mine in , Almost did it in Yellow ,,, the Red will look just fine you will see