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  1. kbs8ball

    Trail Horse SS300, correct seat length.

    16" is correct
  2. kbs8ball

    Making a seat

    It ain't rocket science!!!! Hit me up I'll tell ya how it's done.
  3. kbs8ball


    I have tried to respond to a few PMs today and it seems to not be going through. Send me an email
  4. kbs8ball

    Super Bronc seat

    I have one listed on eBay, ends later today reasonable offers accepted.
  5. kbs8ball

    If you have one of my seats post a pic

    10 years making seats time flies, I remember when there were only 10 people registered on this site.
  6. kbs8ball

    Happy Anniversary Hent!

    Wow has it been ten years already...
  7. kbs8ball

    If you have one of my seats post a pic

    Looks like all these people were happy.
  8. kbs8ball

    Seats made

    Wow dude I really do wonder why you hate me so much? I wonder but I really don't care. I don't think you ever even bought a seat from me if you did it was in my first year doing seats. First off there has NEVER been a time since I've been a member here that I did not respond to my PMs, I always...
  9. kbs8ball

    Seats made

    Thanks Paul and the others who chimed in, I came here defend myself but im not even gonna bother, life happens pretty much sums it up. There are way more seat makers than Karen and myself, Me personally i would never pay someone a hundred bucks for a minibike seat but thats me and thats why i...
  10. kbs8ball

    cat Endura seats

    lol needle in a hay stack not sure vacuum forming would work for this, on the formers i have ran the mold is always aluminum. making that mold would be crazy expensive.
  11. kbs8ball

    Anyone else here vape? My story.

    I only like to vape some good wax or shatter:gunsmilie:...not really down with sugar smack tasting oils. lol and a pack of winston!!!
  12. kbs8ball

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    ive been on a sublime kick lately.
  13. kbs8ball

    WTB ORIGINAL Cat 400X seat

    you know mine are better...try to find that old flat pleat vinyl in a car bone yard. i can make you one with that.
  14. kbs8ball

    Boonie 2 speed parts

    I have the bracket that goes by the trans and hold the cable. Email me for a pic
  15. kbs8ball

    Mini Bike Seats ?

    ill do covers only for 40 shipped for a DB
  16. kbs8ball

    If you have one of my seats post a pic

    Much better JB.... if you need a seat hit me up at I have a lot more pics on my phone.
  17. kbs8ball

    Bonanza MX

    the MX seat is 14" long and shaped a bit different.
  18. kbs8ball

    Motorcycles... post yours

    2007 night train
  19. kbs8ball

    cat Endura seats

    Casey sent me one years ago that was pretty nice I made a pad for it. you will be forever looking for one of these..I recovered Daves seat after he made it...pain in the ass!!! im sure he has big bucks tied up in the making of that seat. 3D printing would be prefect cuz the thing was just a hunk...
  20. kbs8ball is the best way to reach me. is the best way to reach me.