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    Florida Destruction

    I was just scrolling through Florida pics. And its typical media pics. Only the worst destruction when the house across the street is untouched. If you are in Florida or anywhere else in the path, I hope the best for you. We lived in Charleston and experienced Hugo. Don't want to do that again...

    Select brand Lathe ID information help

    Picked up a lathe cheap enough to be interesting a couple of weeks back. Almost nothing that I can find on the internet about it. I learned that it is supposed to be a Taiwanese copy of a South Bend Model 9. It has a short bed on it. It appears to have lots of gear reduction selection. They were...

    Fuel preservative choices

    What are your opinions and experiences with fuel additives. I have been using Star Tron in all my gas applications for a long time now. Sadly, everything I have has not been touched for a minimum of 4 summers. Some longer. 2018 was the last productive summer I had. Minibikes, Golf carts, chain...

    Gas tank for GX390

    Just bought a pressure washer with a Honda GX390 and something fell on and crushed the tank. Anybody have one I can buy? Or a suggestion? Thanks, Doug

    Cordless tool batteries help

    I am looking for help with Dewalt batteries for my 18-volt tools. Most of my batteries still work but have a severely limited run time. And some have just bit the dust. I have a bunch of Dewalt cordless tools that I use but short run times are frustrating. While looking online for batteries it...

    Pics from Mecum Auction Kissimmee Fla

    Mecum Kissimmee 2022 | Flickr

    Memorabilia Auction.

    378 items up for auction. I know some of you like signs and advertising stuff. Got this in my inbox today and thought I would share. All bidding is online and they usually ship the items. I have bought a lot of tools and other stuff off of Proxibid over the years. All local though. They have...

    2005 Ford GT For Sale

    Saw this earlier today. Its sad to see the condition of what's left. What is left to be salvaged? Would be interesting to know the story that lead to this sad ending. 2005 FORD GT for Sale | MT - BILLINGS | Thu. Jun 24, 2021 - Used & Salvage Cars - Copart USA Another one that has been for a...

    1936 Chevrolet assembly line film

    If you haven't seen assembly line footage this is well worth watching. My grandfather had an Auto Service Garage in the 40's - 50's that my father grew up working in. He used to tell me about the Chevrolet "Knee Action" front suspension. You get to see it built in this video. There is everything...
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    USPS at its finest again...

    Bought a book on March 17th and it appears to have traveled everywhere but to my house. Why would it leave KY and travel to PA before coming to SC? Kind of out of the way. It has been in Greenville distribution center for the last 3 days. I could drive there to get it and be back home in an...
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    MTD Columbia on Mecum

    1970 MTD Columbia | S1 | Glendale 2021 (
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    To good not to share

    If you are a car guy and dont have a subscription to Fuel Curve you are missing out. Its free and comes to your email once a week. Always good stuff to read every week. This Double Nickel, dubbed "Brute Force", built by Bob Matranga has to be the best that has ever been built. It won the 2020...
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    Does anyone make/smoke their own sausage?

    I have been craving Summer Sausage lately and want to make some...I have been reading about "cold smoking" sausage and it seems the more I read the more difficult it gets. It seems that it should be pretty straight forward. An enclosed box to hold smoke. A smoke generator. And something to...
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    Riddler Award history

    Some of you may be familiar with the Riddler Award. Some may not. Just ran across this article that tells the history and origins of the award. I am familiar with it but did not know that it originated in Detroit. It is interesting to see the evolution of the Winners of the award at the Detroit...
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    Craftsman 6 inch Lathe

    I have been aware of this little lathe for several years. The owner had a sentimental attachment to it and wouldn't part with it. He was a friend of my buddy Bruce with the Blazer. Well he passed this summer and Bruce knew I liked it so one day he showed up at my house with it. I couldn't...
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    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    A Sherman tank, a Honda Pilot FL400R and a killer Slot Car track. What a time to be broke....
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    COVID totals if you are looking for numbers

    I wanted to post this link for thise looking for COVID toals. It lists by country first. Click on the country and it will take you to a list of states (For the USA). Click on your state and it will take you to your county. Click on state in the Source column. It gives a map of the state that...
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    The Far Side is back
  19. FOMOGO

    I like sneaky

    Found this today and thought others might appreciate it as much as I do. This is about as sneaky as they come. I wouldnt change a thing.
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    National Flag Day

    The first thing I want to say is there is nothing offensive intended or intentional in this post. Please do not take this in any way other than me sharing a story that is dear to my heart. Today June 14th is national flag day. This is just a story I wanted to reflect with my OldMiniBikes friends and...