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  1. aarron

    What do these wheels belong to?

    Cleaning out the barn and came across these wheels. I have no idea what they came from. They're 10" rims, 24 spoke with a 66t sprocket. The sprocket looks like a Speedway to me. Missing one brake. Thanks
  2. aarron

    Anyone recognize this chain guard?

    I've had this chain guard laying around for years but don't have a clue what it's from. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. aarron

    Mid Ohio Classic Scooters meet in Kenton, OH May 12-15

    This from their website: The next Scooter Show and Swap Meet will be held May 12th-15th, 2021 at the Hardin County Fairgrounds and will be our 25th Anniversary meet. This meet will be similar to that proposed for last year with a few notable changes due to the pandemic. Please follow the link...
  4. aarron

    Bonanza gearing?

    I finally have all the parts I need to restore my BC1300 & BC1500SH Bonanzas. I need to know what the correct gearing was for both of these. I did a search but didn't turn up much. About the only thing I'm missing are a set of fork boots. (I know, hen's teeth) Any help you guys can lend is...
  5. aarron

    Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum

    While not exactly a mini bike event, you guys will probably like all the bikes posted. There are a few minis in there though if you scroll down..
  6. aarron

    Skat Kitty Paint Code?

    I did a search with no results. Has anyone come up with a correct red paint code for a Skat Kitty? I've seen all kinds of different reds.
  7. aarron

    Skat Kitty paint code?

    I did a search with no results. Has anyone come up with a correct red paint code for a Skat Kitty? I've seen all kinds of different reds. Edit: I meant to post this in general discussion. I'll repost since I can't move it.
  8. aarron

    Correct Taco T100 throttle linkage?

    Hi all, I want to update my throttle linkage from the Briggs under tank to the correct Taco carb linkage. Can anyone share a pic of what that setup looks like? I've done a search but have seen numerous variations, I'd like to know what's correct. Thanks!
  9. aarron

    Wiring diagram for my TT500?

    Can anyone help me out with the correct wiring diagram for my TT500? I'm getting closer to completion. Thanks!
  10. aarron

    Was anyone at the Ridler/Autorama?

    I haven't been up there for a few years, but they used to have some pretty slick minis downstairs. :scooter:
  11. aarron

    Need Lil Indian w/Clinton specs

    I have a couple of Lil Indian frames laying around along with a few Clinton Panther 2 smokers. I'd really like to build one similar to the old ad. It looks like it used a brake handle for the throttle. Were they using the disk brakes on these models, and were the motors all white or did they...
  12. aarron

    Lil Indian 4" Wheels wanted

    I'm looking for some correct 4" wheels for my next Lil Indian build. It will be with a Clinton 2 smoker. :thumbsup:
  13. aarron

    23rd Mid-Ohio Classic Scooters Motor Scooter and Bicycle Swap Meet and Show

    Wed - Sat May 16th-19th Buy, Sell, Trade ALL machines 25 years and older. Group Scooter rides! Poker Run! Show Trophies! Free Hot Dog picnic dinner on Friday evening. Hang out with your favorite scooter fanatics! Parts to complete your restoration (New and Used). Arcadia Cushman...
  14. aarron

    Any reports of minis at Detroit Autorama?

    Was anyone at Cobo over the weekend? There is usually a good assortment of minis in the basement. I wasn't able to make it this year. I saw a couple buried in this link below (some damn nice cars too :thumbsup:).
  15. aarron

    JLO now on Fleabay

    FYI - Is this the same motor used on the Ruppsters...
  16. aarron

    A couple of Taco T100 questions

    I did a search but didn't really come up with what I need. Can anyone advise the correct throttle linkage and kick stand spring setup for my T100 build? Thanks!
  17. aarron

    WTB Taco T100 Brake

    I'm getting further and further into my T100 build and really need a brake setup. If anyone has one they'd turn loose of, please let me know! Thanks :thumbsup:
  18. aarron

    Taco Engine Color

    I'm starting to dig into my T-100 build and would like to know what you guys have found is the best match for the silver Taco used on their 5HP Briggs. I did a search but didn't come up with much. I really don't want to spray bomb it, I want to do a nice, quality single stage job on it. Any...
  19. aarron

    Taco t100 for sale in michigan!!

    This T100 just popped up about 2 hours ago on the Toledo CL! Some one jump on it! :thumbsup:
  20. aarron


    MID-OHIO CLASSIC SCOOTER and SWAP MEET @ PLAIN CITY, OHIO Vintage Scooter Meet will be held on May 17th thru May 20th 2017 at Pastime Park, Plain City, Ohio