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  1. The_Ruppster_86

    Heald Super Bronc VT-8 Engine Decal

    Hi all, I will be removing and painting the engine shroud off my VT-8 Super Bronc. I want to purchase and apply the correct decal(s) for the engine. A Google image search shows a variety of decals used by Tecumseh HM80 engines. My engine numbers are as followed: HM80-155042A SER 4165R. Also...
  2. The_Ruppster_86

    Missouri 4HP Tecumseh Engine

    Looks like a (newer style) HS40. Good deal if in fact its never been used and crankshaft checks out ok. letgo - Tecumseh 4hp. engine horizontal shaft in Affton
  3. The_Ruppster_86

    WTB: Tote Gote Bike

    Gentlemen, Looking for a Tote Gote or similar bike in good/ nice condition both cosmetically and mechanically. I prefer a full suspension setup with the correct style engine for the period. Not looking for a project/ parts bike. Below I've attached photos of the style bike I am interested in...
  4. The_Ruppster_86

    NOS Taylor Muffler

    Gentleman, For sale is a NOS Taylor muffler in its original Tecumseh box. This muffler is used on Tecumseh Big-block engines. The muffler is new and never been used. It is complete (with spark arrester screen), measures approx 6" long and has a 1 1/2" bolt spacing. Included in the box is a...
  5. The_Ruppster_86

    NOS Taylor Spark Arrester Muffler

    Gentleman, For sale is a real nice NOS Taylor muffler in its original Tecumseh box. The muffler is new and never been used. It is complete (with spark arrester screen), measures approx 9" long and has a 1 3/8" bolt spacing. Included in the box are new Tecumseh factory exhaust bolts with...
  6. The_Ruppster_86

    Underseat OHV Mini Bike Header

    For sale is a new and never used OHV exhaust header. The pipe will accept a 3/4" pipe thread muffler. The flange bolt holes are 1 3/4" center to center. It will be shipped USPS expedited priority mail. $35 shipped in U.S. PM me for Paypal information Thanks, Jeff
  7. The_Ruppster_86

    New Max-Torque Clutch

    For sale is a new 5/8" Max-Torque clutch with a 11 tooth sprocket for #35 chain. The clutch has never been used and is in original packaging. It will be shipped USPS priority mail flat rate. $27 shipped to U.S. I'm located in Duarte, CA PM me for Paypal information Thanks, Jeff
  8. The_Ruppster_86

    Tillotson Gas Carburetor w/ Extras

    Up for sale is a real nice Tillotson HL-388B carburetor. This particular carburetor is set-up for a gasoline application. It has a .790" venturi and 1.000" throttle bore. The carb's mounting flange bolt holes measure 1 13/16" center to center. Air filter adapter holes measure 1 5/8" center to...
  9. The_Ruppster_86

    Yamaha YZ80 2-Stroke Engine

    Hi all, About 3 weeks ago I acquired a '77 Yamaha YZ80 engine at work. I was contemplating the idea of using the engine on a vintage bike. See the thread Creia created: We are going to do...
  10. The_Ruppster_86

    One Wheel Motorcycle

    Thought it was pretty interesting.. Wheels of Tomorrow One Wheeler (Monowheel) - YouTube Also seen here in the first 10 seconds.. NASCAR Trick Shot Battle | Dude Perfect - YouTube
  11. The_Ruppster_86

    Clinton Engine

    For sale is my Clinton 3.5HP Horizontal engine. The engine runs good with the vintage Walbro adjustable carburetor. The carb was completely disassembled and cleaned in an ultrasonic machine. It was rebuilt with Clinton OEM parts. A new spark plug and newer fuel line were also installed. Although...
  12. The_Ruppster_86

    NOS Tecumseh Shortblock

    For sale is a NOS Tecumseh HS50 short-block. This shortblock comes with the original box, installation instructions, and gasket/decal kit. It is loaded with new block, piston assembly, rod, cam, valves, springs, and oil seals but no crankshaft. This would make a great replacement for your old...
  13. The_Ruppster_86

    Wanted: Tecumseh H50 Fuel Tank Bracket

    I am in need of an (upper) tank bracket for a Tecumseh H50 fuel tank, however, there is a twist... This is NOT for the larger (and typical) 1 gallon fuel tank. It is for the smaller (1/2 gallon?) fuel tank like that used on the HS50's. Tecumseh made special brackets for this purpose that had...
  14. The_Ruppster_86

    Vintage Bonanza Rear Shocks

    For sale is a pair of Bonanza mini-bike rear shocks, in excellent working order. These shocks measure 9 1/2" from eyelets center to center when extended. The eyelets fit a 5/16" bolt. Both shocks are being sold as a pair and all mounting hardware is included. One shock has some relatively minor...
  15. The_Ruppster_86

    Beston O.G.K. Grips

    Up for sale is a set of brand new old stock "old school style" Beston O.G.K. grips. These grips are designed for 7/8" handlebars only- the left (dummy) grip measures approximately 7/8" I.D., while the right (throttle) grip measures approximately 1" I.D. and they are 5" in length. They have a...
  16. The_Ruppster_86

    H50 Crankshaft and Sidecover Wanted

    I'm in need of a Tecumseh H50 crankshaft and sidecover for my current project. Does anybody have some used ones in good condition to sell? (see photos below) Engine- Tecumseh H50-65403T SER 1136D (Solid State Coil Engine) Crankshaft- Tecumseh part # 36391 or # 35235 Sidecover- Tecumseh part #...
  17. The_Ruppster_86

    Tecumseh Adjustable Carb

    For sale is my Tecumseh adjustable carb. This carb came off my Tec HM80 engine. The intake manifold is included as well. $35 + shipping through UPS with tracking and insurance I'm located in Duarte, CA 91010 I accept Paypal only. Please PM if interested. Thank you
  18. The_Ruppster_86

    NOS Taylor Muffler/ 5HP Raptor Header

    For sale is my NOS Taylor Spark Arrester muffler. The muffler is like new and never used. It is complete and measures 4" long and fits a 1/2" pipe thread. This muffler/spark arrester would look good on a show quality engine. Last photo is a Tecumseh H35 engine with the Taylor muffler...
  19. The_Ruppster_86

    WTB Briggs Raptor Fuel Tank

    Gentlemen, I'm looking for the Briggs stock Raptor fuel tank in good condition. No dings, dents, non-factory bends, rust etc.. Tank must have angled filler and accept a screw-on Briggs cap. Please PM if you got one for sale. Thank you
  20. The_Ruppster_86

    WTB Briggs 5HP IC/Raptor Block

    Gentlemen, I'm looking for a new or very good condition Briggs and Stratton 5HP Raptor block or IC block. The block must be in very good condition. Nothing used or modified. Block must have steel liner! Please PM if you have something you would like to sell. I'm located in Duarte, CA...