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  1. AboveUpNorth

    Arctic Cat Ramrod engines CHEAP

    Couple of Ramrod engines if anyone is looking... not mine.
  2. AboveUpNorth

    What model Fox?

    Serial # 005006 Any and all information appreciated. Doodle Bug?
  3. AboveUpNorth

    Make of this one?

  4. AboveUpNorth

    Found another one.....what is it?

  5. AboveUpNorth

    Alexander Reynolds / Arco Gurue?

    Hoping to get some information on this Cadet II I picked up yesterday. It's unlike any other Cadet I can find. It looks more like a Bushwacker, but it's not.
  6. AboveUpNorth

    Barn find / oldie

    Here's an oldie I came across picking up a couple other mini's yesterday. What is it?
  7. AboveUpNorth

    Backwards stamp on 3hp engine shroud

    What in the he'll is this doing stamped backwards? Have any of you seen this before? it came on the Sensation Mike Bike that I purchased this morning.
  8. AboveUpNorth

    Another one....Fox?

  9. AboveUpNorth

    Another "what is it"?

  10. AboveUpNorth

    One more for identification

    What is it?
  11. AboveUpNorth

    It's a Rupp but what model?

    The frame and goose neck area look like a Rupp Benchi....but it's not. The frame looks wrong for a Continental. Original tank shown in pictures.... Right hand chain drive. TIA :-)
  12. AboveUpNorth

    1962 Mustang Trail Machine

    Not mine, but for sale locally..... It's too rare and sexy not to let everyone see :-) 1962 Mustang Trail Machine Mini Bike The MUSTANG TRAIL MACHINE is a lightweight motorcycle manufactured by Gladden Products Corporation of Glendale, California from 1961 to 1965. Powered by an upright...
  13. AboveUpNorth

    One more for the day....What is it?

    Looks a lot like a Rupp roadster, but it isn't........
  14. AboveUpNorth

    I think it's a HPE/Muskin Cat Dominator?

    I think it's a HPE/Muskin Cat Dominator? What do you think? I'm picking it up tomorrow. I first thought it was an Eliminator, but it has the fuel tank and front shocks. Wrong seat....missing the chain guard as well... Hopefully some one can turn me on to a decal link....I'd love to restore...
  15. AboveUpNorth

    Another what is it

    What is it?.....Let'r rip...... Possible value?
  16. AboveUpNorth

    Unknown trike

    Montgomery Wards?
  17. AboveUpNorth

    Another "what is it"

    Unknown frame with what looks to be Honda Z-50 handlebars.
  18. AboveUpNorth

    Mini bike...Hodaka sticker on frame...what is it?

    The frame looks a lot like a RUPP TT500 or 69's not .....but looks awfully close. By the looks of the engine plate it was 4 cycle ran by comet clutch....Sprocket on the right side... I know some (like Bonanza, C 1400 SH) ran the Hodaka engine...... The round swing arm has me...
  19. AboveUpNorth

    calling all Dunecycle Guru's / Dunecycle Spider?

    I happened upon an odd one. The fiberglass seat is different than others I've's mantaray wings. The dip for the engine is odd looking. I think it's a / was a Dunecycle Spider? Front shocks are missing. I think the axle has been flipped around too, because all the...
  20. AboveUpNorth

    Another unknown....possibly Deltek Grassgrub???

    Picked up another unknown beater to work on today. It's been hacked up and added to, but still has potential :-) The 2 key things are, it has folding handle bars, and the original sticker /made in Taiwan on the front fork plate.... You tell me what it