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  1. Fisher1983

    Generc 196cc Hemi

    Hi, been a while since I have been on here. I got a Generac power washer this weekend with a blown pump. Engine is a 196cc Hemi, block is stamped 200F (Harbor Freight Hemi is usually 210FA.) So its obviously a Loncin, like HF, but what is the difference between the 196 and the 212? Bore...
  2. Fisher1983

    Off Road Lights?

    So.........I have a Monster Moto MM-B212 Pro with the headlight. I went to remove the headlight today to fix the crooked lens and the mounting ears disintegrated. :( I was wondering if the lighting coil would power a 55 watt halogen off road light? The stock bulb is a 35 watt BA20D base bulb...
  3. Fisher1983

    Mega Moto News

    I finally got in touch with MM the other day to get a title for my bike and the recall kit. The lady I spoke to was very nice. She told me MM is officially out of business, so I'm guessing there are no plans to restructure or relocate. Unfortunately she does not know the cause of the collapse...
  4. Fisher1983

    MM-B212 Electrical System

    I have a Monster Moto MM-B212 with the headlight. It looks like 2 wires coming out of the engine, to a bridge rectifier box, then to the switch and light. My question is, using the factory lighting coil, how do I install a battery into this system? I eventually want to add a brake light...
  5. Fisher1983

    Monster/Mega Moto 212 parts

    Does anyone have info on what rods, flywheels, cams and rockers fit this engine? I do know it shares the same bore and stroke as a Predator. I also know the head is different than a regular 7hp Lifan....its unique to the bike. The carburetor looks similar to a Hemi. No headers fit since it has a...
  6. Fisher1983

    Mega Moto...what's going on??

    So, this weekend I picked up a used MM-B212 (built in 2017) from a buddy. Overall good shape. The title/cert of origin is missing and I'd like a replacement. I also need the bronze bushing for the TC driver and the correct size belt. I called MM today to try and get answers, and no one answered...
  7. Fisher1983

    5hp side cover

    Hi guys, been a while since I've visited. I have a NOS 5hp from 1980 that I'm building up. It has a bushing side cover with no bolt holes and the timing gear appears to be part of the crank. What side cover, seal, and bearing do I need to convert this? I heard that someone makes a slip fit ball...
  8. Fisher1983

    Tec HSSK50 max governor speed

    I decided not to use a billet rod with my current HSSK50. Put it all back together with governor intact. Wondering how durable the stocker rods are? Will they hold a governed 4,000 ok or is 3,600 the limit?
  9. Fisher1983

    HSSK50 exhaust flange??

    I've been researching header flanges for my HSSK50 (1994) and have come up with nothing except a vintage flange that uses screw in pipe. The issue started when I went to get gaskets at the mower shop...the exhaust gasket is wrong. It's for an H50...the bolt holes are centered with the I.D. of...
  10. Fisher1983

    Tec HS50 versus H35 Power Sport

    So...I'm in the process of building my HS50 5hp engine. I have seen that the OHH50 billet rod fits the HS50. Today I acquired an H35 Power Sport 3.5hp and opened it up. I realized that the crank cases for both engines are identical. In fact, the side cover gasket I bought for the 50 is the same...
  11. Fisher1983

    HSSK50 Refresh

    I picked up a decent HSSK-50 yesterday on trade. I have it all apart already. The bore and the piston look very good. Are Tecs like Briggs engines where you can order a new set of rings and install or do they need to be honed? Also, this engine has a microscopic exhaust valve. I'm not sure if...
  12. Fisher1983

    Harrison Wildcat Wheels/Sprocket

    Looking for wheel options for my Wildcat. Its a 71 model 500 that should have had the Azusa aluminum wheels. The back wheel is some universal thing with a band brake. I have a one piece Pak Mule front wheel in my parts bin. What wheel and drum brake sprocket matches the one piece front? My Pak...
  13. Fisher1983

    97cc carburetion options

    Morning, While some may scoff at the thought, Im keeping my 97cc on my Dirt Bug. Its piped and jetted, but I still hate the factory carb. I considered getting an actual G100 Honda branded carb, but wonder if anyone has experimented with other carbs? I remember a YouTube video of a guy with a...
  14. Fisher1983

    Emptying attachments??

    Hey all, May sound silly to some, but how does one empty the attachment folder? I need to put pics up on a for sale post but I am being warned that my data limit has been exceeded. :confused: I apologize for the silly question....I couldn't find the answer using a search.
  15. Fisher1983

    Engines and engine parts Briggs Tec Honda

    More goodies for sale, must go. 3.5hp Briggs, needs rings. $30 bucks. 3.5hp Tec long block, $30 bucks. Honda GC160 complete and running, $75 bucks. Baja 97cc with header, 2500 clutch, and carb work, 6hrs run time, great running stocker, $60 bucks. Briggs 5hp parts: Make offer. block, needs...
  16. Fisher1983

    Briggs 3hp carbs

    I have read that a 5hp carb is the same as a 3hp carb. Is this true? If it is, would the 5hp rotary choke carb fit into a 3hp old style deep gas tank?
  17. Fisher1983

    5hp chrome rings???

    Whats the deal with chrome rings for a Kool Bore 5hp? I was reading that they dont require a hone or deglazing. My 5hp has a nice bore, no ridge whatsoever at the top, but the last time I reassembled a Briggs that was this clean it smoked like a stack. Since the bore and piston are in great...
  18. Fisher1983

    Misc Engine Parts

    Cleaning out my workshop. I have a Tecumseh gas tank from an edger, 20 bucks. Tecumseh air cleaner assembly from the same edger...its the old skool metal one, 20 bucks. Tecumseh H35 Power Sport carb with new float, 20 bucks. Briggs 5hp stock rod with dipper, 10 bucks, good shape from an old...
  19. Fisher1983

    5hp factory valve guide...pressed in?

    Working on the old 5hp I noticed a ridged circle in the floor of the exhaust this a pressed in valve guide? The intake doesnt have this. Im hoping its pressed in so that I can replace it myself. Its the 1 inch crank chipper engine, model 130212.
  20. Fisher1983

    eBay header

    motovox 10 11 12 mini bike go cart exhaust pipe Heres a link to my eBay header I bought for my Dirt Bug. Might have to mod it some but its a nice looking quality part. Came two days early too! Ill post more pics when I install it tonight.