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  1. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Little bit of Redneck fabbing

    So the under seat header tended to make for a warm butt, even with it wrapped. So ordered a side mount for my Coleman. Beautiful pipe, ceramic coated. But, always a but, the pipe laid right up against the plastic TAV cover. First looked at maybe modding the cover, that was a no go as the point...
  2. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Got this idea, any thoughts?

    So on my day off I'm of course tinkering with the bikes. Both have modded Predators, one Hemi, one non. Flywheels/rods/cams/emulsion tubes/jets/ported and polished/22 pound springs/governor and low oil deletes, high flow air filters. Okay as to the latter As most know you have an adapter...
  3. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Compression release stuck?

    Predator 212 non hemi. Has started becoming a bit of a pain to start. Before you barely had to pull on the start cord and have the throttle at idle to start. Now I have to hold the throttle about half open, and really yank on the cord to get it to fire with the choke on. Which then has the bike...
  4. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Dang, that was odd

    So we head up to Road Atlanta to race, along with the EVO, I took Evol Tweety Bird and Pure Evol to cruise the pits. Unload and get ready to cruise around the place. Tweety who has run like a champ for what 2 years now, normally starts on the first pull. Not now, like she's gone bonkers, rips...
  5. EVOL Tweety Bird

    There are not enough words to describe this.

    Spotted on CraigsList today.:out:
  6. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Bit of a bugger, but I got it done. Added front brakes.

    So I decided to add front brakes to my Coleman CT200U. Should be simple, right? Ah, not so Grasshopper. Had to order parts from Coleman for the wheel, the brake assy. is discontinued per them. From Monster Scooter I got the brake assy, and a brake lever with light switch. OldMiniBikes was the only...
  7. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Some people just have no business being employees

    Of course I'm speaking of the Post Office. Apparently we have a new carrier,or our regular carrier had the day off and a sub ran the route. Old carrier was fantastic, dropping off packages and picking up stuff as he knew it was important to the business. Well I needed an item for our race...
  8. EVOL Tweety Bird

    The stuff that happens when you are bored.

    Had a day off, weather kept looking like it was going to rain, so I'm out in the shop looking for something to do. Had a spare Predator fuel tank laying around, and had seen some youtube videos on swirl painting with Testors paint. Well one thing led to another and I ended up with this...
  9. EVOL Tweety Bird

    New rides entry: 2017 Coleman CT200U

    EVOL Tweety Bird 2017 Coleman CT200U Stage 1 kit, bigger jets, port/polish, custom under seat exhaust,billet rod and flywheel, governor removed,TAV, SunF tires, pit bike front forks, head/tail/brake led lights,AGM battery in a off the shelf box.Custom airbrushed rear fender.
  10. EVOL Tweety Bird

    TAV driven pulley wobble?

    Installed a TAV from OldMiniBikes on my Coleman CT200U, and noticed something odd with it. Spun the driven pulley and it wobbles like a drunken sailor. Took the whole TAV off and stuck it in a vice, Removed the pulley and spun the shaft. Nothing there, runs true. Okay, reinstall the pulley, minus...
  11. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Wife can't park in the garage, I need help!!!

    As stated my wife has a problem parking in the garage. We have a two car garage, and she can't seem to fit whatever she's driving into it correctly, even if she's the only one parking in there. She's clobbered three of my R/C airplanes when she parked too close to the rack on the wall and...
  12. EVOL Tweety Bird

    CT200U modded into a pit bike.

    Tried this over on the Coleman group part but it won't allow photos to be added to the posts. Odd. :out: So might as well give it a go here, at least if you don't understand my post the photos may help with the madness. Well I already have one, but have come to find out I could never find it...
  13. EVOL Tweety Bird

    May be strange, but street tire for the CT200u?

    Yes I did use the search function, no definitive answers, other then not trailer tires. I've looked at a few, like Kenda, and SunF, but both say not for highway use. This is going to be another pit bike, so no need for those knobby tires, and it's not going to see highway use, I value my...
  14. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Now look what you made me do!

    Why oh why do I need another mini bike? :out: Well I guess I couldn't see this one suffer anymore, and it needed rescued. I'm now the "proud" owner of a nearly new Coleman CT200U. Spotted it on the local Craigslist and it was cheap. So I called about it and went to look at it. Come to...
  15. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Aw crap!

    Was able to locate a correct fuel tank for my mini, Tweety Bird. Read up on all the threads here and elsewhere on painting plastic fuel tanks. Invested in Caswell Fuel Tank sealer, followed directions to a tee. Even giving extra drying time before doing any painting. Outside sanded, applied...
  16. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Poor idle quality after upgrades?

    Hey all, Hemi all done and back in the bike. ARC billet rod (stock length),billet flywheel, 22 pound springs, mod 2 cam, 10 thous. metal head gasket, governor completely removed, valve lash set @ 3 thous. Also has the OldMiniBikes 140 emulsion tube,36 jet, high flow air filter, header with muffler, stock...
  17. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Is this right? Predator Hemi gasket kit, wrong head gasket?

    Waiting to hear back from OldMiniBikes, but figure maybe someone else has run into this and/or something to look out for. Ordered the ARC_DJ-1305PH Hemi gasket set, in place of the stock fiber head gasket I received a steel version. Okay maybe it's the higher compression version. Whoops! Problem. The...
  18. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Bird T-bird replacement wheels

    Since I'm way into a complete overhaul of Tweety Bird, thinking maybe I should upgrade the wheels. I do like the original spoke type, but mine have seen better days. At higher speeds they tend to wobble, even with new tires and bearings, plus they were pitted up pretty bad when I got them...
  19. EVOL Tweety Bird

    Just want to do it right.

    Have the 212 Hemi on my Tbird, and figure safer parts, if I ever remove the governor, would be wise. :thumbsup: Take a look at my list and let me know what you think. Also have a question on valve springs. This is a pit bike so it's not going to see drag race type rpms, just want to make...
  20. EVOL Tweety Bird

    New rides entry: 72 Bird Thunderbird

    EVOL Tweety Bird 72 Bird Thunderbird Pulled from the junk pile of a friend. Lotta blood, sweat, and tears and she's a winner now.New paint, Ebay gas tank, tires, and seat, Predator modded Hemi, A/M LED lamps, and AGM battery.