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  1. Tatuerik666

    “GhostFace” bike 90% complete

    Lowered and stretched. I welded and powder coated the frame myself. Welded gussets and the axle tabs. Custom hydraulic brakes. Waiting on a sprocket adapter and I can put my chain and clutch on. Everything on it is brand new
  2. Tatuerik666

    No more head gasket problems……

    So I re assembled my build in a new hemi block. My old block had deep pockets almost holes on the head to block mating surface from when I went through 2 head gaskets. So I scrapped the old block and opted with a new fresh one. Also got a new piston,stock length ARC rod and a .47 head gasket...
  3. Tatuerik666

    3D Motorsports clutch

    Anyone use or know about the 3D motorsports manual clutch? Is it good for a built motor @8500rpms?
  4. Tatuerik666

    Predator 212

    Here’s my build
  5. Tatuerik666

    Head gasket issues

    So I have a built predator 212: Big valve 32/28mm hi comp “non-hemi” style head 1.2 billet roller rockers 5.200 chromoly pushrods Dual 32lb valve springs Ti-retainers automotive style keepers Stainless steel valves 308 cam ARC +.20 rod .570 flattop piston ARC ultra lite flywheel ARC billet...
  6. Tatuerik666

    New doodlebug build “GhostFace”

    Here’s my new bike build. Welded GPS gussets on it GPS axle tabs. GPS front end,street tires and rims.
  7. Tatuerik666

    What is this bike?

    Got a mini bike in a trade. Not sure what it is. Any ideas? Baja warrior?
  8. Tatuerik666

    Need help

    I have a juggernaut torque converter with a 12t sprocket. And my rear is a 58t sprocket. I have 15” tires. And a stage 5 engine. I wanna figure my potential top speed. My engine is more then good for 8500rpms. Any ideas or help available?