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    World's most expensive Arctic Cat

    Saw this on Craigslist tonight... Ad price $15,000 but then in the body of the ad... $1,500,000!!!! At least he said Or Best Offer I got a kick out of the guy saying serious collectors only when there are clearly aftermarket parts on the bike. Fenders, brake lever and cable, no front...
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    Sears Two Speed

    A couple of days ago I packed up my 12 year old's XBOX and put it on Craigslist. He played that stupid thing for 4 months straight, nonstop (he got it for Christmas) and I was just plain sick of it. I threw him $200 cash and he moped around for a couple of day shooting daggers at me with his...
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    Tecumseh hsk50 snowblower conversion Arctic Cat

    Good morning everyone, I came across a deal on an older MTD snowblower with a 5 hp Tech and a lighting coil that I just couldn't pass up. I bought it for the electric starter and tires to put on my snowblower and I was hoping I could use the engine on our old 1971 Arctic Cat Climber...
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    Gemini Lot - minnesota

    Gemini Mini Bike Projects Rare Have Gemini mini bikes and parts includes a powder coat frame and painted tank and fenders plus a complete mini bike tons of parts $600 buys it Will not seperate Not my post. Just thought someone here might be interested.
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    For an Arctic Cat fan...

    ...with more money then they know what to do with. A bargain at $6500 collector minibike
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    Seams Heavy Duty Whatever It Is...

    The same guy I bought my Arctic Cat from was trying to throw this in as a package deal.
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    Any ideas what this is. Sitting in my neighbor's sideyard.
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    Bought a cat

    New here. Bought this Arctic Cat. Seems like I can't say more or I get "Post Denied"