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    IH cub cadet original

    Never messed with tractors before but picked up a first year cub and did a " Rusto mod". Here's a need vid on how they where made. :thumbsup:
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    Unmolested 2 speed

    Nice to see originals unmolested! :thumbsup: Montgomery Wards Mini Bike
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    One you don't see every day.

    Dig the hard wheels and throttle. :laugh: Go-KART
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    Fargo the series

    Anyone watching it. :laugh:
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    New gas cans,,,,,really?

    :out::out::out: I know these started in California and have infested the free world. :doah: Was out of town and needed a can for my quad,, filled it , read the :censure: directions just to use the :censure: thing then tried to put gas in the quad and the :censure: safety nozzle leaked gas...
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    Chain guard

    My first what is it. :laugh: Ok, found in " the pile" what was this for? Kart? Bike? Both? Fits over standard clutch with mount , everything is aluminum . "Seems" to fit bikes with jacks shaft like Bonanza. Need a description for selling it. Thanks. Pics would be great too. :thumbsup:
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas OldMiniBikes-kers. hope all is well. Enjoy the weather. :laugh: YouTube - Cold Karts YouTube - Thanksgiving drifting
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    3 hp mini bike
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    Fantc? roller.

    Minibike Frame $35
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    What bike started your obsession?

    In the 60 my cousin let me ride his mini and I crashed and burned. :doah: I don't know what bike it was since I was very young. Many years later I got tired of tripping over my boys go Kart in the Garage and finally talked him into getting a mini bike to save room. :sorcerer: Well,,, that...
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    Skat Kitty

    196? Skat Kitty
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    The Hexacopter

    Check out the sky cam in the middle of the vid. :eek: YouTube - Hexacopter
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    We where out riding the boys Bonansa and all of a sudden a loud SQEAL, stopped the engine and pulled the rope and a few minutes later it did it again. The rope sometimes would slack out. Before I go in I want to know if anyone had this problem and what was the fix. I imagine I should rewind...
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    An odd way to contact me

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    BDM drums and conversions

    OK, so I'm a huge tactical 22 fan. :ohmy: After all 22lr is the "mini" of calibers. :drinkup: I own BDM's drums and HC mags for my AR uppers and new Sig 522 rifles but now Black dog Machine sent me a new 10/22 tower to test so I have even more variety with my old 22's. (California boys look...
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    The reason I slowed down my mini bike buying lately

    IS,,,,,,,I'm totally addicted to "tactical" 22's. :eek: If you have an AR-15, I strongly suggest you get a Tactical solutions complete upper. SWEET! Also shares the same mags with my new Sig 522 And the GSG MP-5 clone is fun too. Yes, I have lots of 10/22's but these are funner than...
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    Anyone have a GTO 1500 trailhorse?

    With pic's? The pic's I've seen are small. Thanks. :wink:
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    Injun, you got some splaining to do?

    FLEA why do I see my carpet ? :doah: Got better close up picks %& straight on pic's of the Spanish flea ad and the one top right?
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    I need one of these!

    Cool stock, perfect for my Glock 34. Check out the handle up front. I'm going to set up a range like this when we get our property. YouTube - Pistol Stabilizer