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  1. metalhead1982

    Just built Dunecycle... I think.

    Please ignore the messy shop. I'm just showing off the newest member of the fleet. I just finished putting the last touches on this trike. I think it is a Dunecycle DS-1 but I'm not sure. If anyone knows for sure what this is, feel free to let me know. The frame is freshly sand-blasted and...
  2. metalhead1982

    Motovox MBX-11 build

    Just a pic of a stage-1 Predator 212 swapped MBX-11 that I built with my boys. This is a fun little machine. Freshly powder coated frame, new everything except front fender, tires and rims.
  3. metalhead1982

    MTD Mudbug

    Just showing off the before and after. My 9 year-old and I rebuilt this bad boy this weekend. We tore it down and I had the frame blasted and powder coated at work. I had to custom cut and drill a sprocket for it because I could not find one that would fit on the antique diff. My uncle...
  4. metalhead1982

    1973 BGW Tri-Rod Mini-pickup

    1973 BGW Tri-Rod RL-20 Mini-Pickup Hey guys, I've decided to sell this one. I need the money for some other projects and I don't have time to fix this one up the way it should be done. Street Legal! 1973 BGW Tri-Rod RL-20 Mini Pickup trike. Nearly complete, only needs a few minor things to...
  5. metalhead1982

    Big-block header flange template

    I was sick of seeing price tags of $10 or more for exhaust flanges, so I drew and modeled a 3d file and SVG file to use as a template to cut and drill your own. I work at a metal fab shop and I have access to a CNC plasma table and laser cutter as well as cheap scrap metal, so that makes these...
  6. metalhead1982

    Finished the 440cc Swap on my first Tri-Rod!

    Hey fellow trikers! I just finished mounting the Duromax 440cc, 18HP electric start engine on my BGW TR-351. I had originally put a Predator 212 on it, but it just didn't have the right kick. It would pull me around alright, but it took some time to get there and always seemed under powered...
  7. metalhead1982

    Just got this BGW Tri-Rod Mini-Pickup!

    I just picked this up last weekend. It is mostly all there and about 90% original! It doesn't run at the moment, but I don't think it will take much. The motor is not locked up, I can turn it over by hand. The carb is off of it, but it is clean and looks like it will be fine. The...
  8. metalhead1982

    Bodyless MTD MudBug

    Just put the finishing touches on this one for my boys today. It is an MTD Mud Bug chassis that my uncle gave me. He picked it up at a swap meet years ago and never put it together. The body/seat is long gone and trying to find an extra is just about impossible. I welded a simple bracket and...
  9. metalhead1982

    BGW Ti-Rod: Does it have or did it have a VIN plate?

    Hey guys, I am working on my Tri-Rod and I would like to be all proper and legal here in Indiana. The state says that Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) purchased after 2009 need to be titled and registered regardless of model year, even for use on private land. There is a process for getting a new...
  10. metalhead1982

    BGW On Road Tires

    I've been working on making my Tri-Rod street legal for Indiana. In the process, I discovered that a "convenience spare" from any ford with a 5x4.5" bolt pattern will bolt right on the hubs on my BGW. Here is a pic with a 16" rim/tire with a trim ring and a police hubcap. The skinny tires are...
  11. metalhead1982

    Restored Vintage Arco for sale - $400

    For Sale is a completely restored vintage Arco Mini-bike! Great for kids or adults! Every part on this little motorcycle has been replaced with brand new parts or completely reconditioned. The frame was disassembled, sand blasted, and powder coated for maximum durability. The original seat was...
  12. metalhead1982

    197x BGW Tri-Rod STR-381 in progress

    Hey all, I just wanted to share this pic I took of my two boys helping work on this old Tri-Rod I last weekend. I think it is a STR-381, but the motor was gone when I got it. The 212 is a temporary solution, as I would like to get it street-able for an in-town runabout/short commuter. I...
  13. metalhead1982

    Can anyone ID this little thing?

    I picked up this frame from Facebook Marketplace. I don't have any clue how old it is, but it had originally been painted red. I had it sandblasted and powdercoated at my work and put a seat cover, a Predator 212 and some new controls on it. It came with 4" wheels and 10" tires. The rear...
  14. metalhead1982

    New rides entry: 1978 Honda Mini-Trail CT70

    metalhead1982 1978 Honda Mini-Trail CT70 My first bike