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  1. Ibanez616

    Genuine GX200 Project

    Hello everyone. I have not posted here in quite some time, but I am looking to get my bikes going again, and this Gx200 is on my list of priorities. This engine will be limited to being run on pump gas only. I am also trying to stick with stock size valves for now. I do not want to buy parts...
  2. Ibanez616

    Paintball Gas Tank

    One of those projects I never really followed through with. Just drill and tap a hole for the fuel outlet and your good to go (1/4 barb is included). $35 shipped.
  3. Ibanez616

    So, I bought it, someone wanna get it running?

    I bought a 71/72 Rupp Roadster 2 from a buddy a few months ago. It is all original. For the life of me I cant find enough patience to try and get the damned thing to run. I think the spark is too weak, any tricks besides cleaning the points contacts? Otherwise a link to where I can purchase the...
  4. Ibanez616

    Anyone Into Fox Body Mustangs?

    Preferably pre '87 (i'm biased), but anything to '93 will work. Heres mine right now in the middle of a five lug conversion. 1985 GT 5.0 5 Speed.
  5. Ibanez616

    Billetproof Nor Cal, Antioch California. Anyone there today?

    I know its a car show, But I seen someone there with an OldMiniBikes shirt waiting in line for some grub. Just got me thinking, Was anybody else there? :shrug:
  6. Ibanez616

    The EPA loves me, Guess why.

    Got a free 4hp flatty from a friend of mine. After fixing all the tweakery (new word I just came up with :laugh: ) I fired it up, and man, this sucker could pass for a fog machine. I know its the rings or bore because it had a good amount of gas in the oil when I first drained it. I know its a...
  7. Ibanez616

    Take notes Gentlemen, This is how to craft a gasket.

    Yeah, well my buddy was cleaning out a tweakers shed and found me a 5hp Briggs. Automatically I knew there was gonna be a few surprises. The carb was held together with sheet metal screws. :facepalm: Anyways, after getting them out, and separating the carb from the tank, I found this. :laugh:
  8. Ibanez616

    2 Stock Briggs 5hp Flywheels

    Not much to say about these. No broken fins, never been dropped. They came off of running engines and got replaced by Billet versions. $10 each + ship.
  9. Ibanez616

    Clean Briggs 5hp

    3/4 Keyed and Tapped shaft ready for a clutch. Starts right up and dosent smoke. Has a tick because of excessive valve lash. If it bothers you, I can throw in a set of lifters, or you can include $10 and i'll throw in a nice header. :deal: Honestly, it wont damper the engines ability to run, it...
  10. Ibanez616

    Paypal REALLY sucks now.

    We're writing to let you know about a change to your PayPal account. Starting 7/17/2011, money from payments you receive will be placed in a pending balance for up to 21 days. By doing this, we're making sure that there's enough money in your account to cover potential refunds or claims...
  11. Ibanez616

    Box o' Briggs

    Cool bore bushing block, Cam, Lifters, Piston, Tank, Filter Assembly, 2 Breathers, Coil, A few heat shields, Muffler and some small crap. Block has relieved lifter bores and shaved eyebrows, Needs to be honed. Tank has a few surface rust spots on the inside. Whole box, $30 shipped.
  12. Ibanez616

    Tecumseh Carb.

    One of them non adjustable emissions carbs. If you can use it, god bless you, $10 shipped.
  13. Ibanez616

    For you Mikuni guys, A whole buncha jets.

    I got a whole tube of, what i think, are jets for a mikuni. They came with a blockzilla i bought, even though i didnt get the carb they were used with. :out: I've been holding onto these incase I ever get a mikuni, but Im starting to liquidate all my unused parts, and these get to go. I have no...
  14. Ibanez616

    Azusa forks, 4 Inch Wheels and Tires + More.

    1 set of azusa forks, bottom tubes have been sleeved or something, you can tell they are thicker, They worked fine. The handlebars have some grinder marks, but a skim coat of bondo and they would be fine. - $15+shipping 1 front and 1 back 4 inch wheel with tires and tubes. Nothing wrong...
  15. Ibanez616

    .563 (3 inch) Stroke Crank

    Pure power billet 3 inch stroke crank for raptor or blockzilla, etc. 7/8 journal, 3/4 keyed and tapped shaft. Bought it to build a wild raptor, but I just lost motivation. My loss, Your gain. I'll include 2 ARC rods as well, 1 4.225, and 1 4.275. $150 shipped to your door.
  16. Ibanez616

    Alky Raptor Carbs + 1 Tank.

    I have 2 alky raptor carbs i have never used. I got them with a lot of stuff i bought from a guy that was getting out of karting. They are #5 castings. One has "finish line" engraved on it. The tank has no rust, Paint is crappy. I have never run these carbs. Both carbs and the tank are yours for...
  17. Ibanez616

    Not Minibike related, But still damn cool!

    Today my pops tells me he has something for me in the back of his truck, so I go outside and see this. He found it at his shop, and i guess he bought it at an auction for $10 or $20 dollars a while ago. Its some sort of industrial battery charger ran by an 8hp briggs. Unfortunately the asshats...
  18. Ibanez616

    HS40 will not start

    I just got a pretty clean Rupp Roadster 2 from a friend who wants me to get it running. It wasn't getting spark, so I cleaned the contacts on the points, hey, I got spark! Then I took the carb off to make sure it was clean, took off the bowl, looked nice, so I put it back together. Then it...
  19. Ibanez616

    Some info on the new Predator, And $55 Clones!

    Today I went to HF and picked up another clone, My store still had 7 left. I also exchanged one of mine, so i ended up leaving with 2 new engines. :thumbsup: I got a chance to look at the new predator 212, and i have to say the block casting looks damn good. On a different note, I have heard...
  20. Ibanez616

    What is this... Wheel? Its a 5 inch.