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  1. adarter

    Lil' Indian Sabre $450

    Selling a lil Indian sabre as is. It is ride able with 5 HP Briggs on it. Foldable bars, Split rims (one is chipped). frame has repairs. has jackshaft. Best Offer cash or venmo or paypal friend. pick up lancaster NY 7164320714
  2. adarter

    Ratech Racing clutch

    I have an older centrifigal clutch. The needle bearings have some flat spots. Are there replacement parts out there?
  3. adarter

    Artic Cat Ramrod

    $850.00 I have most but not all parts to 3 Ramrods. I am selling this lot as is. There are four frames (one missing wedge). 3 kawasaki engines, all apart and need rebuild. 2 sets of engine covers. 3 side covers only one with pull rope assembly. 2 carburetors(unknown if saveable) and 2 intake...
  4. adarter

    Dyno cam question.

    I am looking thru a 5 hp B &S early raptor. It says 040 on piston and a Dyno cam with 6-24-42-6 stamped on it. The rod is stamped WMS3.875 # 7575. I need to what this build may be capable of? Thanks and go.
  5. adarter

    Just acquired these 2 Briggs from a Racer.

    I found these for sale near me and struck a deal. I have not been a B/S owner for my minibikes but I grow tired of the clones on everything, soooooo. What do I have here? Things I know: 5 HP built at an engine shop for Kart racing in NY, OH, PA. How do i know if they are Raptor or Animal? Model...
  6. adarter

    Unboxed a predator.

    Picked up a motovox last year.gammtg had a preditor laying around now I have it.
  7. adarter

    Mtd with a predator

    Ok guys,. I have a 6.5 preditor in a MTD SS 400 frame with a torque converter. Two headers here and both hit frame. Anyone got one that fits. Let me know.
  8. adarter

    Advertised as a cat?

    Not a Cat in my opinion, but what is it?
  9. adarter

    Found some stuff for sale.

    Picked up this box of stuff and these wheels for $50.00. :)
  10. adarter

    Found some stuff for sale.

    Picked up this box of stuff and these wheels for $50.00. :)
  11. adarter

    what is on this shirt?

    I have a t shirt with a minibike on it.
  12. adarter

    New Ride Entry

    Bought this local from an OldMiniBikes member. I have replaced the H50 with a tec sport 4 hp and the original drive. I have called in for some steel tubing to repair the frame.
  13. adarter


    Which model is14" wide at the rear?
  14. adarter

    got another.

    craigslist near me today. plan on an upgrade!
  15. adarter

    Todays find.

    here is what I was told 1976 KV 75 I have a bucket of parts and he said the transmission needs help but the engine ran.
  16. adarter

    Tire tube size?

    I have a tire in decent shape but need to put a tube in it. Tire says 14 x 6 but no other listing for tire size. I tried a 410/350 x 6 it developed a leak in a day. What tube should I get. Or what measurement do I need to take.
  17. adarter

    Continental motors Corp. AU 8.5

    I acquired a basket containing possibly all of a 3 horse 1951-53 I'm told motor. Any info would be appreciated. Spec no 127-450
  18. adarter

    heathkit 2 speed ?

    I removed the non working 2 speed of my Boonie bike to find the spring has no bite. I had aquired a jackshaft with the same looking shifted thing, but now with them side by side the are laid out differantly and i wonder if rotation direction is an issue if I switch the part out?
  19. adarter

    Leg tire bike modgepodge?

    I should proof read,LRG tire minibike.
  20. adarter

    I Dont Know this one!