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  1. Frisco57

    Cushmans, Tote Goats and a Tule Trooper

    As kids my best friend Steve had a mini bike that we rode around the neighborhood like crazy! Steve's dad had a Tote Goat that we were NOT allowed to touch so I've always thought of this larger style bikes as "your Dad's mini bike!"
  2. Frisco57

    Cushmans, Tote Goats and a Tule Trooper

    I got to drive this one. It will turn a complete circle on it length! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
  3. Frisco57

    Cushmans, Tote Goats and a Tule Trooper

    Yesterday I saw my friend's younger brother's collection of Cushmans, Tote Goats and a Tule Trooper. Cool stuff!
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    Seat set back and grab bar.
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  12. Frisco57

    Saw Last Weekend

    Sorry, I didn't get a photo.
  13. Frisco57

    Saw Last Weekend

    I saw a rolling frame at the local swap meet last weekend. It looked a lot like a Bonanza BC1200 or a BC1300 because it had a similar frame style and both front and rear suspension. The seller thought it was a Trail Horse but no fork sticker was visible. Anyone got an idea of what model of Trail...
  14. Frisco57

    Bonanza Shocks

    I got these from Route 21 Trading Co. a few years back. I'm not sure who manufactured them but the length was correct and they work very well on my Bonanza.
  15. Frisco57

    hello from snohomish, wa

    Hey grilled cheese, great story! Looks like the snow here in northwestern Washington finally starting to go away... What a PITA! And speaking of tiny...
  16. Frisco57

    Circus Bear

    Yup! Looks kinda like the bears are all riding Streakers too!
  17. Frisco57

    Circus Bear

    Merry Christmas mini bike brothers and sisters! Be well, stay well!
  18. Frisco57

    Bonanza Shocks

    I built/restored a rider Bonanza and agree totally! I just wondered if the stock shocks were worth rebuilding or if a "period correct guy" was interested in a restorable set of shocks.
  19. Frisco57

    Bonanza Shocks

    I've heard that stock style Bonanza shocks are rebuildable. Anybody done this. The ones on my Bonanza project were collapsed, I replaced them and set the stockers aside.
  20. Frisco57


    I cut out the plywood base, installed some threaded inserts and brought it to my buddy Bob at "Ketchum If You Can Upholstery". He showed me some orange thread he had for the top stitching and a week later my seat was finished (Thanks to Bob's right hand girl Tami.)