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  1. Phil1958

    HF Coupon

  2. Phil1958

    New Mill!!!!! ETA early to mid October!!!!!
  3. Phil1958

    New Carbide Tool Holder and Carbide Inserts

    for the new lathe i ordered a new tool holder and carbide inserts. my other lathe wasn't too good with the tool pressure needed for carbide. so this is my first tool holder that holds CNMG inserts, kind of exciting! These inserts have excellent chip management and produce small chips as a...
  4. Phil1958

    Spinner to 5-1/4" Adapter

    Making an adapter so i can use 5-1/4" bolt circle sprockets or disc brakes on an 8" Asuza Spinner hub. The three inner bolt holes need to uncovered on the hub with a hand drill and a 5/16" drill bit. The adapter gets the sprocket out far enough to easily clear #40 chain. From the lathe, shown...
  5. Phil1958

    Die Grinder

    couldn't help myself after watching stefan gottswinter on you tube.....
  6. Phil1958

    A New Lathe, (last toy for a while!)

    last february i decided my south bend SB1001 needed a big brother. the sb1001 was my first lathe, and it is a fine lathe, what i considered short comings was me not knowing what lathe parameters are. while the south bend is a small lathe, an 8" swing and a 20" bed, it excels at making small...
  7. Phil1958

    Chinese BS-0 Dividing Head

    was bored one night and ordered up a chinese clone of a Brown & Sharpe BS-0 dividing head for my mill. it arrived ok, it weighs probably 30 pounds and it rattled around in the box on the way here, no damage but the box was pretty beat up. as shipped the chuck had about 20 degrees of runout...
  8. Phil1958

    196cc vs 209cc base gasket

    Probably a dumb question but are base gaskets for these two motors the same? I have a chinese 209cc clone that came with no base gasket. Part number please!! Phil
  9. Phil1958

    Greenfield Tool Co Tap & Die Set

    Picked up this cool tap and die set off of craigslist for $90. It covers 1/4" to 1" NC threads plus 1/8" and 1/4" NPT. Some of the taps and dies are originals, some are replacements. The case, wooden, is the original. The metal strip on the front edge of the case is a 6" scale for a size...
  10. Phil1958


    has anyone tried one of these yamaha kt100 kart engines on a minibike? phil
  11. Phil1958

    New Shop Saw

    ordered a new cold saw for the shop: this will augment my cutting and sawing abilities. i wanted a more accurate miter than my bandsaw: the band saw is fine for...
  12. Phil1958

    anatomy of a heart attack

    at exactly 8pm december 21, 2019 i noticed a strange feeling in my chest. no pain, just an odd sensation that i never felt before. i just finished a bowl of corn chexs and was getting ready to hit the sack. the sensation persisted and was not going away. i told cindy that i am heading out to the...
  13. Phil1958

    Bonanza Fork Measurements

    Need someone with a set of Bonanza forks from a BC1000 to measure the distance between the two fork tubes, and the distance between a fork tube and the steering stem hole. Thanks! Phil
  14. Phil1958

    2 Cycle Engine

    does anyone have a 2 cycle engine i can use on my trike? i did buy a polaris snow mobile 200cc twin that had a crack in the lower end that would have fit but it was toast. pm me with what you have! ciao~ phil
  15. Phil1958

    Magic Bus

  16. Phil1958

    Go Power and Kidney Bean Sprockets, PVL Flywheels

    I keep on finding more stuff in my sheds. What we have here is a brand new 60 tooth #35 sprocket for go power rims. Next up is a brand new 45 tooth #40/41 sprocket for kidney bean rims. Lastly is are two PVL flywheels for a GX200/Clone. It says its good up to 17,000 rpm o_O Sprockets are...
  17. Phil1958

    More Bonanza Spring/Summer Cleaning #2

    here is the rest of the goodies. pm me if interested. kidney bean wide side good, narrow side DOA! $45 kidney bean with usable tire. $60 forks with some repairs $50 more forks $50 really beat up forks with super nice slightly dinged badge $50, badge by itself $48, cut off handle...
  18. Phil1958

    More Bonanza Spring/Summer Cleaning #1

    We finally got around to cleaning out one of my sheds and found all this stuff. pm me if interested. shipping not included in prices shown. go power 50? tooth sprocket in serviceable shape $50 brake assembly $50 wide side kidney bean $50 kidney bean with mud/snow tire, tire is in...
  19. Phil1958

    Bonanza Brakes Pieces and Parts

    Got almost a complete brake here, both shoes are missing the pads , one pad is included but not glued. the smaller parts have some light surface rust, nothing a wire wheel wouldn't fix. the hub is pretty clean but needs a brush-up too. The cam is good too. I do not have the lever or lever...
  20. Phil1958

    Bonanza Suspension and Kidney Bean

    What I have here is a set of Bonanza BC lowers and a set of what I believe are an original but well worn and crusty set of rear "Shocks". The forks have springs and the bolt plugs that fasten the springs to the uppers. $80 plus shipping for the lowers and $50 plus shipping for the shocks. The...