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    Mini bike articles in magazines

    Does anyone have any good vintage magazines with minibike articles in them?I found some Popular Mechanics mag issues with stories of building kit bikes,testing them,etc.These are in the June 1967,Feb1970 and Dec1971 issues of Popular Mechanics.These are selling on line.Anyone know of any other...
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    Unassembled 1996 Manco streaker

    I bought a Manco streaker from a business that closed it's doors.This bike was in a box unassembled since the day it was new.The box was mildewed and thrown away.This would be a good inexpensive bike for a father-daughter/son project to put together.All parts are there and all...
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    i need some license plates-

    Can somebody help me get the last of a friends 50 state license plate collection completed.He needs 4 states to get all 50.He needs Montana,Idaho,New Hampshire,and Vermont. I know we have members from all over,and I could trade plates and pay for shipping.He hangs them up in his barn.Thanks,in...
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    fuel pump basics?

    Help ,i need to put a fuel pump on a Robins-subaroo engine that is on a Utility vehicle sold at the big building supply stores.The owner had me put a larger capacity fuel tank on it instead of the 1 gallon one that is right over the after 2 foot of fuel line to go through the gas won't...
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    carter bros shortster

    1990's shortster for sale,6hp lighted tecumpseh power sport engine.Runs great and one of the fastest stock minibike i ever rode.I replaced the stock carb with a new one.$450.00 Can deliver 200 miles from Al.
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    Unknown to me

    I picked up this frame from a neighbor and he mentioned it had springs in the fork tubes? Anyone know what it is?
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    Family fun

    We had a get together for my neice and her friends,and i got out the buffalo.Instant fun and smiles.
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    After cleaning out the clutter from my sandblast-paintbooth i thought i'd show some pictures of it.It's only 6x12 because a tree blocked me from making it 12x12,but it gets the job done.I use a cheap exhaust fan in a couple of recycled windows for both sandblasting and painting.A recycled bath...
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    West Grandrapids ride.

    August 19 we had the 2nd annual west side minibike ride in the old neighborhood where i grew up riding my first minibike.Last year it was just 2 of us,this year 6 of us rode our minibikes through the old neighborhood for over an hour.The traffic was almost nonexistant,the roads of various...
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    My unknown CL buy...

    I got this last nite in Grand Rapids, Jeep4me territory, but don't know what it is,Arco maybe?
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    happy 4th of july

    I decided to get my runners out for some sun and fun.:scooter:
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    seat for murray trac 2

    I need a seat for a trac 2 ,mine stayed outside for too long.
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    Hello From central alabama

    Hi,I'm a mini bike fanatic,have three to restore and one thats a newer one to ride.I've been looking daily on craigs list for deals and found a few lately.I have more to restore than time to work on them even though i am now retired! Here is a few pictures of a sears i found with a before&after...