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  1. bigevilone2

    Joe's Mini Bike Reunion?

    Great to meet you Joe !!! I had a blast seeing people I haven't seen in a couple years !!! It was a great show !!!
  2. bigevilone2

    The thief is still lurking.

    on here 30 minutes ago looking at this. watch out Hent !
  3. bigevilone2

    Happy Birthday Minibikin

    Happy Birthday Buddy !!!
  4. bigevilone2

    Free minibike

    Its not mine !!!
  5. bigevilone2

    Free minibike Add is still up as of 6:00 am this morning. It's not mine.
  6. bigevilone2

    Free minibike
  7. bigevilone2

    Wanted mid peg Bonanza swingarm

    Hey everyone ! Looking for a Bonanza BC1300 mid peg swingarm. Thanks !
  8. bigevilone2

    Happy Birthday Bigevilone2

    Thanks everybody !!!
  9. bigevilone2

    Interested in knowing what this is…

    Looks like Azusa tri-stars.
  10. bigevilone2

    Latest Bonanza Project

    Wanna race ???
  11. bigevilone2

    Bonanza BC 1300 sprocket 72 tooth

    I need a Bonanza BC 1300 sprocket. 72 tooth to fit a kidney bean wheel. Thanks !
  12. bigevilone2

    Happy Birthday Tom S.

    Happy Birthday !!!
  13. bigevilone2

    Great Guys

    I would like to thank 2 guys for helping me out with wiring on my Bonanza Hodaka wiring !!! KC57 And Slywilliez ! 2 guys willing to take time to help me ! Thanks guys !
  14. bigevilone2

    Bonanza BC1300 seat

    PM sent back !
  15. bigevilone2

    Bonanza BC1300 seat

    Good or fairly decent one would be nice ! Thanks
  16. bigevilone2


    Why ? He posted a price ! $65.00 each plus shipping.
  17. bigevilone2

    Bonanza Parts: Go Power, BC Fenders...

    PM sent on the seat.
  18. bigevilone2

    Latest Bonanza Project

    Nice bike! Should move that rear brake arm back some !