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    build off 2023

    Any interest in a 2023 build off
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    Is this an early BONANZA??

    engine mounting plate should be between the frame rails
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    What Tec engine do I have?

    late 80s turbine shroud electronic ign
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    Can I use Rotella engine oil in HS40?

    has lots of zinc and phosphorus good run it hard oil
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    Go Devil needle and seat

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    Vintage Please Help Identify!

    mb 1110 no rear suspension
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    Bonanza MB I'm guessing

    I bought one two months ago mine has solid foot pegs and no rear fender mount .will be picking up my seat on Fri had enough of it to duplicate
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    Bonanza MB I'm guessing

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    Restoration of Broncco TX-1L Completed

    heres the broncco seat she did for me
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    MB200 or BC200

    bc have 1 inch frames,mb have 7/8 frames
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    Oil burning on an HS40

    Correction valves are correct sorry I was thinking h series
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    Oil burning on an HS40

    Looks like the valves are switched valve with the centre crater should be intake
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    Bolt together frame, any idea what it is?

    Cheeftah 1000
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    picked up the engine a couple of years ago at a swap meet,starts and runs great new points and condensor,looks like they had a puller on the centre bolt holes and a claw puller bowed out 3/16 and cracked all around,Used my knocker and one hit and its off,always check your flywheel
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    the cleaners chrome what I was worried about was the filter melting its foam thanks Mark
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    measure the clutch if its 3inch wide you need a 3 inch pto if you look at your picture you posted the shaft is to short,the pto has to extend slightly past the clutch,If its workin now I think your spinning the bushings in the clutch bells it will come apart
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    I measured the clutch its three inches wide if you put it on a 2 1/4 pto it will be 3/4 inch recessed in the clutch,it cant work the clutch has to float,the pto shaft has to extend past the clutch the bolt and washer is not there to compress the clutch but flush to pto shaft.pto shaft needs to...
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    just measured one of my fox clutches its three inches wide you need a three inch pto
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    when you put the clutch on the pto shaft should extend slightly past the clutch,the washer rest directly on the shaft when bolted down the clutch bells rotate freely.If the pto shaft is recessed in the clutch the washer will be compressing on the clutch stopping it from free wheeling ,I think if...