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    Changing fork seal XL70

    Anyone know how much oil to put in the fork after changing seals?
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    1974 XL70 Rear Axle

    I have the rear axle and parts, but not sure what order they are supposed to be installed, and I cannot find a diagram to save my life. I cant think of an easier way to ask. :) 1-7 are all left side. Thanks for your help as I continue to look for a diagram. Also, I am pricing out service...
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    1974 XL70 Ignition Needed

    Anyone have one they can part with?
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    1974 XL70 Ignition Needed

    Is the CT70 ignition compatible with the XL70? It looks like the wire layout is the same.
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    1974 XL70 Battery

    EDIT: Nevermind... As soon as I hit "post" I got it. Just grabbed a pretty nice old bike. The electrical looks pretty much intact, but the ignition is gone so someone obviously rigged it. I would like to get the lights working again so looking at batteries. I am weakest at electrical. I can...