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  1. cdoublejj

    Rupp / Fuji / Gemini 80cc crank removal and seals? ( Fuji 80 F480 )

    anyone know how i can get the clutch end off the crankshaft? it's all round and smoot, no slots or bolts. idk if it's threaded on or pressed on. FI i can get it off. can i get crank seals for it? EDIT: Fuji 80 F480 EDIT: in fact i could probably use a whole manual. looks like i may need tools?
  2. cdoublejj

    OHH designation?

    What does the OHH designation mean? Over Head Horizontal? Overhead horizontal heavy duty?
  3. cdoublejj

    Billet cranks for tecumseh???

    i apologize if this is in the wrong section. I found this tonight and was wondering if anyone has referenced any of these to fit any tecumsehs. would love to put a billet crank in my hs40.
  4. cdoublejj

    What can you tell me about HS40 ball bearing covers? (HS50?)

    What can you tell me about HS40 ball bearing covers? are there different size ball bearing versions? wouldn't be the same part number as an HS50? Does it matter the crankshaft in my HS40? I ask because i'm under the impression there were different crankshafts for the HS40.
  5. cdoublejj

    HS50 working govenor does not work?

    So this thing barley has any hours on it. But, the governor does not put an resistance on the governor arm and she'll scream up some RPMs like a Tecumseh ain't never screamed before. All the individual pieces and fly weights all work. I'm wondering if the factory installed the internal...
  6. cdoublejj

    139QMB 50cc GY6 engine build

    I'm not sure what section was best for this. The engine section is nothing but, trouble shooting this one seems to have the most build logs. This project originally started in 2011 here, Faster | Scooter Doc Forum I'm going to try and repost here too. Here's my first post from 2011 and...
  7. cdoublejj

    where would be the best section to post engine builds?

    where would be the best section to post an engine build log? it looks like it might fit in in the engines and mods sections but, thats full of questions or projects and rides and that's full of bike build logs.
  8. cdoublejj

    I need to find a crimper for these.

    These are supposedly a GM product from back in the day. used to clamp together the thick steel wire used to make part of the seat frames.
  9. cdoublejj

    Kawasaki KLF 220 (bayou 220) carb exploded view?

    Any one know where i can find an exploded view of an 88-02 KLF carb. it was so corroded the o-ring and spring didn't pop out till after i hit it with air.
  10. cdoublejj

    HS40 ball bearing side cover?

    Is it even possible to find these any more? How much of his arm would a fella have to loose to get one?
  11. cdoublejj

    Dyno Cams 255 OHV pics (HS40)

    at some point i'll add this to my own build thread but, an ways here it goes. ^Stock cam HS40.^ ^Stock cam HS40.^ ^Dyno 255 left, Stock HS40 cam right. The spiraling grooves on this particular HS40 cam are the giveaway. ^Dyno 255 left, Stock HS40 cam...
  12. cdoublejj

    what diameter pipe is this?

    U Build It Exhaust Kit Tecumseh HS
  13. cdoublejj

    This popped up on reddit today...

    This rolled up to a local pizza place yesterday. Yes, that is a dog chilling on the back. : WTF Pretty cool i thought.
  14. cdoublejj


    Is it possible to hook up a tach, like a hot rod tach up to the old flat head engines like my HS40?
  15. cdoublejj

    what engine is this? is it a Honda clone?

    what engine is this? is it a Honda clone? I figured if i knew what engine it is i could order a carb kit online for cheap.
  16. cdoublejj

    any one have pics of the "6282 ARC Billet Rod"

    Any of have pics of the 6282 ARC Billet Rod. i've looked on line you can't really see it. i'd like to see what it looks from different sides and angles. i'm wanting to compare it to my current billet rod. Tecumseh Billet Rod - Imgur
  17. cdoublejj


    I'm in a bit of bind to try and find a fly wheel balancing service or weather to risk blowing my cast aluminum fly wheel to pieces or to get rid of my lighting system in favor of a billet flywheel and tweak/modfied ignigtion system. is there any way to hook a generator to the rear tie or a...
  18. cdoublejj

    the big cheater

    Rupp Blackwidow minibike hs40 piston & ring kit Any one familiar with it? thoughts?
  19. cdoublejj

    Has this been posted before? [HotRod Magazine]