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    build off 2023

    Any interest in a 2023 build off
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    picked up the engine a couple of years ago at a swap meet,starts and runs great new points and condensor,looks like they had a puller on the centre bolt holes and a claw puller bowed out 3/16 and cracked all around,Used my knocker and one hit and its off,always check your flywheel
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    taco sprocket for taco wheels

    looking for a sprocket or a location or lead.taco minibikes do not have any thank you
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    Bonanza fork and shock springs

    They have two different lengths 5 1/4 and 6 1/4 ,do different models use different lengths? thanks again
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    I saved this for the build off but it looks like we are not having one. so Im just going build it as if we are 1968 Taco 44,handle bars are bent ,the swing arm has been reinforced,a 40 chain,folding foot pegs,I have a new seat and clutch guard and swing arms,If I get a mild day will use the...
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    2021 build off

    any interest in the build off .Im in with a Taco 44 sitting here
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    recoil generator

    A member was asking about the recoil gen.Its a add on kit for snowblowers you need what I call snowblower recoil the center plug is removable also they have all been center punched for the mounting screw holes,the drive cables are on a nut that taps over the flywheel nut,slide the recoil over a...
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    indoor racing near me
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    Vintage 1971 arctic cat

    it looks like it started out as a Prowler,Sachs mounts have been remove a motor plate welded on and a foot brake make before i got it going to mount a hs50 and use a engine mounted jackshaft.Thank you OldMiniBikes and Karen for another build off.sorry my picture keep going side ways
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    my five build off bikes

    spent the day getting things ready for windber and since I had bikes everywhere thought i post a picture of all my build off bikes 2 lil indians .manco trail cat,sprocket trike and speedway shark
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    valve spring tester

    a lot of posts about valve spring pressures lately ,just thought I would post mine not sure of the age it was my Fathers so Im guessing the 50s?made by Sturtevant and use a dial or beam torque wrench and double reading
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    Vintage 1970 speedway shark

    theres enough of the original gold paint underneath.should be able to match
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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    the engine plate is flipped to get the engine more to the left and is driven outside of frame.First thing is to make up some rear fenders
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    manco trail cat decals

    looking for trail cat decals,does anyone have any for sale or know of anyone who makes them thanks Mark
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    2018 just for fun class manco trailcat

    its a later manco has the folding foot pegs and kickstand welded to frame rail,going to try and do two builds, this one i have already polished the wheels installed tires repaired fenders ,lower fork legs chromed them and foot pegs and sprocket ,straightened fork,going to use a 5 hp snowblower...
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    just finnished my Stellar

    just finnished my Stellar now onto my build off bike
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    canuk's - "lil Geronimo" - (Vintage Class)

    Lil Indian has 6 inch indian wheel,large fork neck which makes it 68 and up,and 5hp engine plate,going to try and use a 5 horse Briggs might have to notch the tank to clear tires.
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    taco swing arms

    looking for a pair of the flat taco 44 swing arms or contact of anyone that makes them.I have a US shipping addrss
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    grasshopper tubular seat frame wanted

    looking for seat frame for ruttman grasshopper.I have a US shipping address