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  1. Stitch

    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Let the fun begin! It is going to finish up as an inverse kind of Doppelganger to my red "Rapido Diablo" DB30. Hang in there for more build pictures.....
  2. Stitch

    Cheap Speedometers

    I just bought two of these nice little units from Newfrog. It has autostart and KM/MPH settings. I've never had a problem with shipping or quality from them. I figured for the price, I couldn't lose. Well.... $20 at most...:shrug: US$9.93|AutoStart Wireless Bicycle Cycling Bike Computer...
  3. Stitch


    When you can't sleep and have a vinyl plotter and too much time on yer hands, this happens! I made myself a couple riding shirts for this summer.....
  4. Stitch

    Coleman CT200U seat, shocks, front end mods finished today

    Well, I finally finished this project today. Special thanks going out to FOMOGO, KEN and TRIPLE A! On to another custom DB30.....
  5. Stitch

    CT200U Finished with 212cc upgrades - Nice exhaust mod

    Well, it's 99% finished. Got the TAV mounted with a frame mod. I still have to wrap the exhaust. I bought the OldMiniBikes 1" go kart exhaust with screw on muffler for Predator 212cc. Great deal! I just...
  6. Stitch

    Plain 420 72 tooth sprocket source?

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea where to purchase a plain 70-72 tooth 420 sprocket with no holes? I plan on boring one and drilling out the mounting holes for my CT200U project. I am going with a stage 1 on a H.F. 6.5 212cc Hemi with a TAV 10 tooth driver. Thank you~ Stitch
  7. Stitch

    Nice 1969 CAT 300x on C.L. $250

    Here is one of the oldies near Cleveland, Ohio. Not mine. I thought I'd pass it along... Large heavy duty tool box
  8. Stitch

    WTB Original DB30 rear wheel / front wheel

    Hi, I picked up a project DB 30 for $35.00 and was going to use it for parts. After a closer inspection, I decided that I would like to rebuild it. I need the rear and front wheels hopefully with spacers but not necessary. I have pretty much everything else needed. Thanks guys!
  9. Stitch

    Cannot locate a Hydraulic Brake system for my Doodlebug

    Hi, I like the hotrodminibikes system for the DB30 but it seems like they've been on back order for a while. I wrote them asking if they had any timeline on when they may possibly be available but never heard back. Can any of you guys help me find a similar set up? Thanks guys! Stitch
  10. Stitch

    A couple new do-dads for my DB30

    I got bored yesterday, so I made a new decal :devil2: and a fuel bottle carrier for my Doodlebug. I like the thought of a little extra fuel for the trail. New Carlisle tires going on today...