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    New Motovox projects

    Picked up these 2 last night for $150. Funny thing is when I got to the house to pick them up I realized it was a house my Aunt use to own. The guy selling the mini bikes is a 3rd cousin! Anyway 2 stock motovox's with the little motor. He said one ran ok last year and the other did not...
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    Super Saturday Race September 28th at Milan Dragway.

    I haven't been to a race yet this year, but I think I finally have the bike ready. Anyone else going out to Milan this Saturday?
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    Bad tire?

    I recently discovered my back tire is either not seated correctly, out of balance, or maybe out of round. I did a burnout at my buddies shop and he was the one that told me my tire was hopping. I first thought the tire is not seated correctly. After re-seating the tire 3 times I don't think...
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    The Gray Goat Garage at 8pm tonight! and the Gray Goat Garage will be LIVE tonight, May 3 at 8PM Eastern time. Please join in with Eric's gripping tales and pulsing information! Where's...
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    Fourteenth Annual Old School Minibike - Royal Oak, MI May 6th

    I don't think I can go. I have too much left to do on my own bike and need this Saturday to git-r-done!
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    What's the trick to getting split keepers on?

    I bought a stainless steel valve kit from OldMiniBikes with the split keepers. What's the trick for getting those on? Any one know of a video I could watch? I am not having much luck finding a good way to put these on. I do not have a valve spring compressor. Is that necessary? Help! I am so close...
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    The Gray Goat Garage at 8pm tonight!

    sixpac440 has not posted this yet, so here it is! Don't miss tonight's exciting episode. The description says "Eric will see if he can brake some stuff and help you with carb intake!". I think by carb intake he might really be referring to his love of fat cakes! What will it be this week...
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    Mini bike racing at Milan Dragway.

    Milan Dragway (in Milan, MI) starts up their SuperSaturday races on April 21. Races are roughly every 2 weeks. $20 to race, $10 to watch. #SuperSaturday & Junior Dragster Race #1 — Milan Dragway #SuperSaturday — Milan Dragway
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    Making top speed

    I have seen guys at the drag strip making 70+ mph in the eighth mile with predator motors. My bike does 51. I currently have 12/58 sprocket gearing with a rear tire circumference of 15 inches. The guys making fast passes usually run a slick and those look like much less than 15 inch...
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    minibike fairing?

    Anyone here ever make their own fairing? I'm talking light weight purpose built, not just for looks. This is for a Motovox minibike if that matters. Do you think a pocket bike front fairing would fit?
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    Front end swaps?

    Anyone here ever swap out front ends on their mini? I'm sure someone has. My motovox forks flex a little when under acceleration. Given that I want to go faster with it and that it was never designed to do 60+ mph I think I would like to swap out the forks, but what does that take? What...
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    I have a Motovox that needs a seat badly! The current seat is cardboard with maybe an inch of soft almost non existent foam covered in grey duct tape. I am going to drag race this mini so I was thinking of something cafe racer style with a the rear bump. I'm not really finding much. I...
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    Milan, MI SuperSaturday mini bike drags October 28th.

    I attended one of these races, riding my KZ1000. It was then I decided I wanted a drag mini bike! Those guys looked like they were having a lot of fun. I finally picked up a minibike, with a lot of the work already done to it, but for a different type of racing. I am going to just change a...
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    Moe's Motovox drag mini.

    I bought a Motovox with a predator 212. I want to drag race this bike. It's certainly fast now, but I want to go just a little further with it. I am wondering in what order to make some of the mods I am considering. Below is the description from the ad: - High Flow Air filter - Larger...
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    Help posting?

    I tried to write up a post about a mini I recent bought and I am looking for help. The website won't let me post it saying it either had too many urls (I had none) or forbidden words. Not sure what I wrote that would be forbidden, it was PG in content. Any help?