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    i got honda atc 70 wheels

    has anyone tried to use that size wheel on a frame? cuz im trying to get some ideas together to build me a summer project.
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    has any one seen the new baja with the lights?

    how do those lights work? any ideas i would like to do that with my lil indian
  3. J

    can some one build me a jack shaft?

    i will pay for shipping and time and parts pm me
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    anyone DO A MOTOR swap on a honda atc?

    anyone have pics info tips i have a honda 70 atc with a blown motor any ideas
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    can i put a tec carb on a briggs

    i have alot of minkuri 22 mm carbs and tec carbs can they work on my bike? any help would be great
  6. J

    anyone looking to earn a few bucks>?

    im looking for parts to be made for a trail horse mini i have lett me know jake
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    tips and tricks TAKE 2

    alright well the first time i posted this thread it got realy out of control. this time lets keep this form for TIPS , TRICKS AND HOW TOOS. This fourm is try to get every ones helpfull and very good info in one place. thanks for any tips and stuff, i beleave this will help the fourm bring more...
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    i would like to say sorry

    i didnt mean to cause problems with my posts about tricks and tips. sorry for not understanding the rules and other info again, jake roth
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    hi from new york

    names jake roth age 16 first time at bikes
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    anyone want to share tips tricks / how tos?

    any little tricks diy parts and how tos
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    anyone ever make there own fenders?

    has any one ever tried to make ther own? any ideas
  12. J

    i messed up

    i really think this time i hahahahaed up a free lunch i took it all apart i dont know what parts i need to fix it or what im doing i feel so dumb but what the hell im learning.
  13. J


    im looking for parts for a hs35 i got it with two shafts and i want to get rid of the other one its a snow blower motor so it have the primer and electric start any parts u have let me know
  14. J

    i have a 3 .5 tec

    i just got it and it has two drive shafts is there a way i can get rid of the smaller one and get rid of the primer. so its stock? or what should i do
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    trail horse parts

    looking for a front fender jack shaft set up kickstand anything else for a trail horse let me know thanks
  16. J

    any one every use a wisconson

    i am able to get a wisconson 5 hp running , has anyone ever tried to put it on a bike
  17. J

    new york

    any one from new york want to get together
  18. J

    i just got a trailhorse

    i got 4 motors for it three tecs alll snow blower motors and a brigs ohv short shaft:(.... i took it all apart and washed everything , can u guys help me out with what i need to do from here so i can restore it . thanks guys for any help
  19. J

    brigs flat heads

    i got two brigs flat heads 5 hp one runs ones for parts. can send pics all stock will trade for jack shaft set up or something else just let me know i also have a running tec 5 hp
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    can a laurson carb work

    i got a briggs flat head , tank and carb are junk. i have a larson carb would that work on the motor?