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  1. Carlos

    Briggs Fuel gauge part# 494277

    Does anyone have one of these, might be unique to a Briggs Max or Quantum with with 1.75" fuel filler neck(?) not sure. If someone does have one, are you able to take some measurements of the thread with a vernier caliper for me? Inside and outside thread diameter Distance between...
  2. Carlos

    Honda CT70/ST70 oil pressure gauge

    Anyone know roughly how much oil pressure to expect from the Honda high flow oil pump from the 12V engines? I'm going to rig up one of these to match the Marshalls 0-15 psi I use for boost pressure. It would be cool to see close to full "sweep" when cold, guessing the pressure runs...
  3. Carlos

    Lightened HSSK50 rod

    I thought some of you guys might be interested in this ... Standard connecting rod 92g with oil thrower, 88g without Lightened and "stress relieved" to 88g with oil thrower, 84g without
  4. Carlos

    Valve springs for Isky cam in a HS50

    What valve springs (and poundage) are you guys using for your Isky camshafts in your HS engines? (either with Isky's 230 or 220 camshaft @.050" checking) Are you sourcing them from another engine or are you sticking with the std. springs? Also what spring seat pressures are you aiming for?
  5. Carlos

    HS50 tuned exhaust length?

    Interesting to know if any of you have played around with tuning the exhaust lengths for your Tec engines (in particular the HS50) and what other modifications you are running, mild or wild. I'm building an HSSK50 engine ... Modified ports and manifold -.020" off the head Tec carb usual...
  6. Carlos

    Sno-Runner engine hop up questions

    Exhaust I'd like to get a military exhaust if any of you guys have one. But if the less restrictive, power restoring military exhaust is made from un-obtainium is there a go kart exhaust that does the trick for the Powerbee 820 that one of you guys have successfully fitted? Thin head...
  7. Carlos

    Sno-Runner starter rope

    I picked up this little beast today ... needs a little tinkering to prepare for Detroit's seasonal deluge of snow (total 94.8 inches this last winter) I can order a Chrysler Marine F15582 starter rope by part #... Great, but if I knew the size and length I could pick one up locally at a...
  8. Carlos

    Bronze valve guide liner for small frame

    Has anyone tried the bronze valve guide liners? If so, what size reamer did you use? ... i.e. What clearance do you run to the valve stem? I'm not referring to the 9/32" hand reamer and 1/32" oversize valve that's almost impossible to keep straight, I have a pair of 1/4" bronze valve guide...
  9. Carlos

    What do you regret selling?

    This used to be my daily driver as a young man in England ... the most fun I've had with my pants on!
  10. Carlos

    4 if we count the steering wheel and pulleys!

    The English built "Aquabird" built for "Runabout" racing in the late 1960's ... I so wish I had never sold it!
  11. Carlos

    Tecumseh decompression BCR or valve?

    Anyone tried installing a decompression valve in a Tecumseh flat head for easier starting after filing or grinding the BCR down on the exhaust cam lobe? I know guy's have installed decompression valves into 2 stoke Bultaco motors to ease starting and not break a leg from the kick back ... and...
  12. Carlos

    Tecumseh 5hp short stroke engines

    There was a short stroke crank in the HSSK50 engine for a couple of years or so that for some reason used a 46mm stroke reducing the capacity to 187cc. Apparently these short stroke motors are capable of turning 5,000rpm all day long and with short bursts up to 7000 reliably if used with...
  13. Carlos

    Tecumseh small frame crankcase mix

    Has anyone had any experience mixing an engine block and crankcase cover from different engines with any success? There seem to be many engine blocks such as HS50 and HSSK50 blocks for sale on ebay without the crankcase cover, but logic tells me that the crank bearings would be align bored...