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  1. flattire

    Bonanza scout questions

    1. What is the correct color orange? 2. Is anyone making the seat cover 3. Does anyone make the chain guard for the Tecumseh motor
  2. flattire

    Assembling wheels

    Where can I buy or find out the correct screws for the go-power wheels as well as the ill Indian wheels?
  3. flattire


    I am looking for two wheels 1. gopwer wheel with the Kidney shaped cutouts 2. lil Indian mag?+ the two on the right in the picture for reference, in case I did not identify them correctly
  4. flattire

    Bonanza forks and reference my projects

    Hello, Could someone confirm that the lower legs for the bonanza front forks were chrome? I am also looking for any literature/manuals for the following minibikes re-pops or scans Ruttman grasshopper, early washer frame Lil Indian outlaw Bonanza 1300 ? (front and rear suspension) ...
  5. flattire

    Ruttman Grasshopper

    I am looking for a sissy bar and seat for my grasshopper,
  6. flattire

    Dress up kits

    A while back I saw some cool aluminum gas tanks and headers for clone/predator engines. Does any one point me in the right direction ? Thanks B
  7. flattire

    Bonanza engine mounts

    Is anyone repoping the bottom engine mounting plate for the bonanza ? Thnak you Brendan
  8. flattire


    Any one know what these are from ? Thanks Brendan
  9. flattire

    Should I cut this off Bonanza frame

    So my bonanza frame has this bracket welded on it , can any one tell me what it is for ? There is also a front and back picture of a front end I am trying to identify Thank you for the help Brendan
  10. flattire

    stripping paint on an engine

    I need to strip and repaint a few engines, I was wonder if anyone has some tips and tricks , does or don'ts ????
  11. flattire

    Vintage Lil Indian Outlaw ll Front Forks For Sale

    Location: Franklin Mi Price: $300 Or best Offer Shipping: U.S.A Only
  12. flattire

    unknown wheels please help

    please help identify these
  13. flattire

    Front forks Help

    Hey was wondering what type of forks these are? a man told us lil Indian outlaw but we don't know
  14. flattire


    Wondering if these pices are original on the frame or moved possibly? there the three bars on top of the frame please help.
  15. flattire

    bonanza Chopper

    Looking for some help wondering what engine should go on this because i have seen Tecumseh 5hps and hodaka ace 100s but this version does not use a jack shaft so i need some help.
  16. flattire

    Help on wheels

    Does anyone know what wheels these are and how much there worth?
  17. flattire

    Toyoco motor co in pa.

    :blink:any one have any information on mini bikes made by this company ?