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    First time build. DB30.

    Hey Azooscott, That's some great advice right there. These guys have seen it all, done most of it. And yes, the sky is the limit! Chain Linkin is right on, decide what you want to use it for and go from there.. Do a Google search for Dirt bug, DB30 or Doodlebug Mini bikes and you will see mild...
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    Lil Indian forks

    Well, since no one wants them, I'm going to go ahead and scrap the forks... I need the room..
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    BTW, If anybody wants the DB30 Tee, it's theirs... I have waaay to many tees laying around.... Size LG adult. Stitch
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    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Wow Doug! That's a stretch! Ha!
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    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Hey Doug, Did you want this set too??
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    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Hi Doug, Thank you! The bars I found were at the best price and height I could find.. BikeMaster Chrome Nighthawk Handlebars 7/8" - 11-0560 - Chopper Cruiser Bars | eBay I had to cut 3" off the ends. Dang those newfangled chains! I thought they put themselves on! Lol.. The seat covers I use...
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    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Well, I got the new handlebars cut to width and mounted. I would like to get another inch of height on them. I may make my own risers.....
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    "Po' White Trash" stretched DB30s payoff test ride

    WooHoo!!! Man what a ride!!!
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    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Hey Buckeye, That is an old pulley driven pump jack. You see them at old antique engine shows. Hey, Thanks Raskin, I hear that! I hope to have videos posted of all my rides...... :scooter:
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    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Let the fun begin! It is going to finish up as an inverse kind of Doppelganger to my red "Rapido Diablo" DB30. Hang in there for more build pictures.....
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    Cheap Speedometers

    I just bought two of these nice little units from Newfrog. It has autostart and KM/MPH settings. I've never had a problem with shipping or quality from them. I figured for the price, I couldn't lose. Well.... $20 at most...:shrug: US$9.93|AutoStart Wireless Bicycle Cycling Bike Computer...
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    Hey Raskin, As a matter of fact yes! Why pay high prices for that fancy city water! Not for me of course.. for the in-laws.... Lol!!!
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    Hey Neo, I have a orange tee with reflective orange text that has a "special" statement for tailgaiters.... I designed it for wearing when I'm out on my Harley.... Wish I could show it here..... Lol! :evil_laughter:
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    Thanks guys! and to think I made them half asleep with only one eye open! Lol...
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    When you can't sleep and have a vinyl plotter and too much time on yer hands, this happens! I made myself a couple riding shirts for this summer.....


    Large pocket Tee
  17. CT200U


  18. DB_30_LARGE_TEE




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    Super Bronc project has begun

    All I know about Super Bronc's is.. 1. I want one! 2. I will never have one! Doug, If you don't take any videos of this build it will be a crime! Don't make me send you a video camera!!! I'll do it man! I swear I'll do it! :punk: