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  1. waltsuz

    custom build drag bike

    My avatar bike is for sale. It was built here and you can see in my photos pictures. I have exceeded my quota on pictures. It needs taken down and painted. Lots of money put into this bike. All TIG welded off a jig. Motor has the governor on it. Its pretty fast like it is. No compromises on the...
  2. waltsuz

    engines for sale

    Got a genuine GX390, a Briggs 8hp I/C, an old Briggs 7hp commercial engine, an 8hp cool bore needing rebuilt and a whole bunch of 8hp spare parts. The 390 and both I/C engines run. I'd carb clean them all and all need cosmetic work but these are good engines. I'm in Portage In, 250.00 takes them...
  3. waltsuz

    Mini bike fabrication tools

    Mini bike Fabrication tools for sale: If you do a name search here you can find 2 builds that was done with this equipment. Mini bike frame jig/welding fixture. Fully adjustable for length, rake and height. If you can use a tape measure a level and a plumb bob this will produce dead on...
  4. waltsuz

    Wanted any D series Wheel Horse Tractors

    I have a bunch of mini bike stuff along with 2 complete bikes built with treads here on OldMiniBikes that I'll trade for most any Wheel Horse Tractor stuff. If you may be interested contact me at : bunch of motors to trade off also....Regards Walt
  5. waltsuz

    Oh no, Oh well

    IMG0548 - YouTube Walt
  6. waltsuz

    I'm too fat

    I'm 58, weigh 243lb's, I take Hi Blood pressure med's, cholesterol med's, Acid reflux med's and my Dr. says I have entry level Diabete's. Other than that I'm just fantastic:scared:. My pharmacist says: "Say Yes To Drugs" Don't die.....Linger...Later my Pizza is here..:shrug:
  7. waltsuz

    If you have a couple minutes "please"

    The subdivision I live in is very mini bike friendly. I putt around and the neighbors all seem to get a kick out of an old man riding around on a mini bike. I have had Big Block Chevy's in the past, a bunch of Harleys with drag pipes, and a GX 390 that can roar. I always respected the peace and...
  8. waltsuz

    Vintage Kart help??

    45 years ago my father came home with a go kart sticking out of the trunk of his car. I would love to figure out what, and who manufactured it. From memory it had 2 Homelite 2 cycle motors. The kart was all Aqua blue the same color as the Homelite motors and chain saws back then. It had a chrome...
  9. waltsuz

    Briggs crank turning "Dimension suggestion"

    I am going to pull a crank to have turned to 3/4. Its on a Briggs 6hp, its as now tapered, 4-1/4 long and is .872 in diameter. It has a 1-1/4 schoulder coming from the case to the machined shaft. How far should the shoulder extend beyond the seal to run a TC-2. How long should the 3/4 shaft be...
  10. waltsuz

    6hp Briggs I/D help?????

    Got an old Wards Power Kraft 2500 watt generator given to me. I cant find any numbers on this engine. I scrapped off the decal on the shroud and found nothing. All the other decals are weathered beyond any good. Anyone recognize this or where is the number/model/type located on this, I think...
  11. waltsuz

    TAV-2 Belt wear????

    What is the average life you get from a belt on a Comet TAV-2. I know there's variables to take into account but how long of a run time have you gotten? Walt
  12. waltsuz

    BBQ Smoker

    Anyone built a smoker?? I got this old 100gal Quincy air Tank and I am turning it into an offset indirect smoker. I should be able to smoke a small complete hog in this when its done. It's about ready for the sandblaster and I"ll then start fabbin it up. Low and Slo" Texas Style:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  13. waltsuz

    Powder coating basic questions

    I know from reading posts there are a few guys here with a lot of powder coating experience. I got a few questions if someone may offer some answers please. How much metal prep should I do? Does it need to be like primer ready or does the coater do this? What should I expect to pay for a...
  14. waltsuz

    Finishing touch

    Kenny emailed me a pix of whats coming, my seat. Kinda excited to get this, I got a sore butt and I'm sure this will fix it. The guy is a pro:thumbsup: Can't wait to see these come together
  15. waltsuz

    EBAY issues????

    I auctioned off an outboard motor on EBAY. The winning bidder won the auction 2 days ago this is the 3rd morning after the auction. No contact, no email nor any payment from the buyer. I realize its the Holiday Memorial weekend. How long is reasonable to expect arrangements or some sort of...
  16. waltsuz

    Sandblasting better choice??

    How much improvement over a syphon feed blaster is the pressure pot system. I have a syphon system similiar to the 1st picture and hate it. I am thinking about the pressure system HF has on sale. Is it a lot better/faster than the slow going syphon one????? experienced opinion??? ps: I have a...
  17. waltsuz

    You Squewie Wabbit

    Here's Boomer: He has his trophy. I have only seen 2 Beagles that can flat run down a rabbit. He got this one this morning, was quite a show to watch. I have seen Boomer take out 3 on foot, full bore, run them down. Boomer is almost 8 years old. He's a natural:thumbsup: He will parade this...
  18. waltsuz

    Oil change pump??

    Aquavac????Anyone tried one of these, there about 30.00 at Blo's I mean Lowes. I think I am going to try one. I'm tired of making a big mess on my garage floor. :doah:
  19. waltsuz

    16-18HP Vanguard Twin

    Looking for a Horizontal 16-18hp Briggs Vanguard. Need to have a 1 inch shaft typical for what we use. If you got a good one, pm me and maybe we can work a deal, Thanks...Walt will consider a 14 also
  20. waltsuz

    Vibration levels??

    I would like to start a thread about motors, bikes, and vibration issue. Have you have a serious vibrator "keep it nice" and was able to help the situation or smooth it out? I have one that turns my arms numb and my hands feel itchy after a ride. What motors are smoother for mini's than...