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  1. Kyle1980420

    Head light wiring to predator 212cc

    Can anybody please tell me if I can wire the headlight the the predator 212cc engine to the Coleman ct200uex?? The plug on the light maybe lost but I have the wire. Can it happen? Thanx
  2. Kyle1980420

    New style tires

    hey all just a quick question. my Coleman CT200UEX is tire size 9×7.00-8. My question is this..... Will any tire that size work on my bike? Will any of these work? Best places to look. Thanks
  3. Kyle1980420


    Do I'm not sure how to word this.... On my Coleman CT200UEX headlight wire has a plug, but the Duramax engine I put in just has wires. I'm attaching photos. Please help?!?! What wires to i hook up the light to??
  4. Kyle1980420

    Stupid Question....

    Can someone please explain what happens when you remove the centrifugal clutch and run a straight chain to the spocket??? Watching a video only tells me how to do it- not why... Thanx in advance
  5. Kyle1980420

    208cc 7hp crankshaft bolts....

    Here's the the clutch i ordered for the 208cc 7hp duramax engine i ordered... Also- cause im new to this, does this tell me the bolt size i need to mount the clutch and assembly to the engine?? And the clutch says 6.5hp.... Will it work on 7hp? Clutch will be here like wed. Just need the bolt...
  6. Kyle1980420

    While im waiting on my parts.... Had a little fun

    So while im waiting..... I did this i cant wait to hit the road with these on here lmao
  7. Kyle1980420

    New engine...

    So i bought a duramax 7hp 208cc engine for my coleman ct200uex but the clutch is 5/8 and the shaft on the new engine is 3/4. So can i just buy a 3/4 clutch with the same amount of teeth?? Or is it more complicated than that? My first swap lol. And if anymone can show me an example of everything...
  8. Kyle1980420

    Coleman ct200uex

    So i tore apart the engine and found this..... When i put it all back together and started it-- it sounds bad and wont move. Now, my question is--- with this engine fit the bike in the photos without having to do to many mods? Pic #1 is what i found in the old engine. Pic 2 is the bike & pic 3...
  9. Kyle1980420


    When i was on last-like an idiot, i let someone mess with the gov on the mini bike. Well its been at my buddies cause i cant have that & my new motorcycle here. Anywho, before i get started--- when her got done, it was leaking oil & then smoking and over heating after a few min. So, i went and...
  10. Kyle1980420


    The smoke and leak look like its coming from where the exhaust is. What does yhis mean?
  11. Kyle1980420

    Need help

    What torque converter will work for my 212cc predator with stage 1 on my ct200uex?? Please help
  12. Kyle1980420

    Whats else will i need?

    What else will i need to buy to swap it out on my coleman CT200U EX? chains, etc..... And also the coleman header came with it too The guy at powersports said it will fit but thats all he said lol. This will be easy right?
  13. Kyle1980420

    Oil everywhere

    I have the ct200u ex and there is oil literally everywhere. Im about to head out and re watch how to get the chains off and all that. Do these 6.5hp 196 cc mini bikes have the...... hats it called...?? Kinda like the overflow? Something like that. Its in the sme spot kinda as tge dipstick except...
  14. Kyle1980420

    Largest engine

    I messed up and let someone mess with my ct200uex and it went bad. What's the cheapest, but largest engine i can put on this bike? I know im gonna need other parts to go with it.... But i want to know where to look for engines first. Highest horse power & ccs??
  15. Kyle1980420


    So i hopefully got it right this time lol. Except this stage 1 kit says ct200u.... I have the ct200uex. And will thiss converter fit ? Same size as the one that comes with the kit from omw. Eventually ill figure it oit with the help of this site. You all are awesome!
  16. Kyle1980420


    So ive had my Coleman ct200u ex for about a week and now it wont start. Cant send it back cause i cut the throttle bolt. But when i took the gas tank off the other day, the gas line on the bottom came off. I don't know much about these things. I just hope its an easy fix
  17. Kyle1980420

    Will this fit?

    This says its for the ct200u. Will it fit my ct200u ex v? And is it easy to install? Going to order today if its good
  18. Kyle1980420

    I need help finding a shop & a mechanic near me

    Title says it all lol- i live in Madison county New York- about 1hr from Syracuse and cant find anything closer then that
  19. Kyle1980420

    1st ever swap

    #1- my bike. #2- the engine i want
  20. Kyle1980420

    Will this engine fit in my ct200u ex???

    This is going g to be my first swap- how bad is it gonna be? Whats the largest engine i can fit in it? Open to suggestions. Thanx