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    Heald Super Bronc VT-8 Engine Decal

    Ok, cool! Thank you.
  2. The_Ruppster_86

    Heald Super Bronc VT-8 Engine Decal

    Thank you for the info chatten. It is appreciated.
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    Heald Super Bronc VT-8 Engine Decal

    Hi all, I will be removing and painting the engine shroud off my VT-8 Super Bronc. I want to purchase and apply the correct decal(s) for the engine. A Google image search shows a variety of decals used by Tecumseh HM80 engines. My engine numbers are as followed: HM80-155042A SER 4165R. Also...
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    Sears roper

    OldMiniBikes member "Markus" is selling the grab bar. Here is the link.. Sears Roper Vintage Mini Bike Sissy Bar Original and Clean | eBay
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    powel on offerup in whittier
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    WTB: Tote Gote Bike

    Found a bike! :clap: Special thanks to OldMiniBikes members Richard Trotter and Havasu Dave for their help and knowledge. Thanks again.
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    Reason for slanting an engine in a rupp and other bikes?

    Hello Thad, I believe manufacturers, like Rupp, slanted engines for style and clearance. Some folks say slanted L-Head engines run more efficiently at an angle, like an OHV engine. I have also heard that running the engine at an angle helps eliminate oil starvation during hill climbing...
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    was the original Animal 305cc instead of 206cc ?

    I interned at a kart building/ performance shop and the Briggs and Stratton OHV engines were a staple of the business. Primarily the shop was building World Formula engines and a few Animals for customers. Other engines Briggs offers for racing include M-series, Junior 206, and Local Option 206...
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    WTB: Tote Gote Bike

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    Leaking oil

    The crankcase breather located below the intake/ exhaust ports has been the most prominent area to leak for used engines I've acquired. The crankcase gasket would follow next.
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    I need rings but I do not know what size, can anyone help?

    You may find this helpful.. QA_50_PARTS CLICK_ON_BIKE
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    Here's a mess

    Yep I agree. x2
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    WTB: Tote Gote Bike

    Bump! Still looking for a full suspension Tote Gote, Twister, or Super Bronc
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    Original dumb and dumber mini bike

    A potential new build off class??:laugh:
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    Why hasn't anybody done this yet?

    Thread I bookmarked years ago..
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    Rebuild question briggs 2 hp

    Were the internal components properly lubricated during assembly? There's more resistance when turning over a dry engine. Also check and make sure the flywheel isn't binding on the ignition coil.
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    Deal gone bad... long post.

    Those are my thoughts as well. x2:thumbsup:
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    USPS Shipping ... "Take the LONG way home ....

    A few years ago, on Ebay, I ordered yellow oil fill caps and watched the tracking start from North Carolina to Florida to Puerto Rico and lastly California. Delayed my shipment about an additional week. :shrug:
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    WTB: Tote Gote Bike