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  1. korndog


    Ive had this in a box for a long time. I guess it's time to build it out with my son. Need to find light, fenders, tank, and maybe an engine.
  2. korndog

    Big Drag Carb

    This is a project thread showing how a carb can be altered for specific applications. The carburetor is for a well known builder and racer who needed a richer piece for a monster GX200 drag engine. This is a large bore Italian PCR carburetor and was too lean for the racer. The first thing you...
  3. korndog

    For The Life Of Me - Shipping rant

    Heads up Mini Bike parts sellers and everyone else: Stop shipping my stuff by Fedex ground. I just want you to know that I will buy my parts from the guy that uses the cheap two-day USPS flat rate box firts. Do you think I want to pay 2-3X for shipping and get it in 5-6 days when I can get it...
  4. korndog

    Briggs 5HP Kit - $75.00

    99 44/100% all there Briggs. Block, crank, flywheel, rod, piston, rings, shroud, etc. Might be missing a bolt or two. Local Pickup only. Possible trade for cigars, tools, or liquor. 13202, black shroud with the 5hp on it.
  5. korndog

    Free Engine Local to L.A.

    Free Briggs 2HP Funkraft for someone who would like to restore it. Local real Mini BIkers for pickup only please. Sorry abouthte pic, it's late and I don't feel like fixing it. :smile: Will also trade for a six pack or a bottle of wine.
  6. korndog

    Nice Shot!..... Moron...

    YouTube - Sniper Shoots Watermelon Off Guy's Head
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    Need a measurment off a GX200 shroud

    Can someone tell me the outside diameter of the circular support for the pull start? In other words, what would be the O.D. of a flywheel screen? Thanks in advance
  8. korndog

    Tillotson Service Kit - Gas

    Here is a little kit for servicing your racing carburetor on a regular basis. Comes with a tuning and maintenance sheet, and personal tech support to help you out. I set one of these up for a guy in England but thought some might like to have some stuff on hand to keep their carb in top shape...
  9. korndog

    Tillotson 334WX Gas Carburetor For Clone

    FS is this NEW gas Tilloston set up for mild to wild modified clone running gasoline. The carburetor is all set and ready to bolt on. This one has a couple of very minor dings in the velocity stack, and a few ultra fine scratches here and there. Otherwise the carb is perfect and very...
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    Dyno 94SS Flathead cam

    FS is a very nice drop-in cam for a 5 horse + new Dyno springs. Only a few hours on this cam and new set of correct springs from Dyno. this is a good upgrade for your "5" with no clearance work required. Comes in original box with cam card and new springs. $50.00 shipped to your front door.
  11. korndog

    Champion HD shaft Mount Rockers

    $30.00 shipped - heavy duty stock champion rockers. These are sought after rockers. Very strong.
  12. korndog

    Tillotson 334WX Gas CArburetor for Clone

    Here is a nice new Tillotson set up for gas for a stock to modified clone motor. This carb has received a little TLC by me as you can see in the photos. The carburetor is ready to go with the velocity stack attached. You will need a manifold which I will have later this week or you can get...
  13. korndog

    Digital Calipers for $8.00?

    I bought these calipers and they were delivered to my door today. I'm an Amazon prime member so I paid a grand total of $8.26 without leaving my house. I tested these on a set of pin gauges and they were dead-on to .0005. I'm posting this because when I was a kid, micrometers were things only...
  14. korndog

    Tillotson 945 Outlaw OHV Alky Carb Dominator+

    Special Tilley here. Started off as a HL-304WX bored out to .945 venturi and 1.06 throttle bore. Significant machine work and polishing went into this carburetor which is setup for highly modified OHV engines. The carb has the correct fuel curve and will be set for your application with...
  15. korndog

    Briggs Ltd. Modified Flathead For Sale

    Briggs Raptor 3 ARC Billet Flywheel ARC 4.5 inch Billet Rod - new Wiseco Piston .015 over - new Dyno 98 EXP cam - new Walbro World Formula Carburetor (alky, comes with gas jets too) Will replace with Tillotson HL368 or gas carb if preferred. Billet lifters Professionally built engine. Block has...
  16. korndog

    Drag Bike For Sale

    Temecula Bob frame with wheels and tires as shown. Scrub brake large engine plate upgradeable to big block. Minidragbike engine as follows: Champion block Honda OEM crankshaft Minidragbike ported Honda head with 28/25 mm valves 1.3 billet steel rockers 310 isky cam Comp Cams heavy duty dual...
  17. korndog

    Tillotson 101

    There are several models of Tillotson carburetor to choose from and there is a bit of confusion as to what the model numbers mean and what size is best for each application. I asked my friend and mentor EC Birt (THE Tillotson man) to help out the mini bikers and we came up with this little...
  18. korndog

    WTB: Tillotson HL380 carburetor

    Just in case anybody has one laying around. any rebuildable condition fine.
  19. korndog

    WTB: 1.2 Roller Rockers

    Anybody have a set of Hunter or Raceng for sale, let me know. Thanks
  20. korndog

    Home Machine Shop

    Any of you guys ever use the 3 in 1 machines I see. I was thinking about picking up a couple of pieces my garage at some point and found the Smithy machines. Are they worth a damn. Smithy