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  1. XenonWolf10

    Manco Thunderbird Gas Tank

    Looking for a Manco Thunderbird Gas Tank. I am looking for the regular Non-Teardrop style. Please Pm Me if you have anything you are willing to sell.
  2. XenonWolf10

    Predator 212 Electric Oil Pump

    Thanks for all of the feedback, I have a tachometer on the the way and I am still running the stock cam. I currently have my throttle setup still ran through the governor arm with the little paddle on the inside of the case cut off right below the washer. Then a return spring pulling the...
  3. XenonWolf10

    Predator 212 Electric Oil Pump

    I have a ungoverned predator 212 and would like to keep it running for as long as possible. Im wondering if it is possible to run an electric oil pump to suck oil from the bottom of the block and pump it up to above the crank and rod to keep it lubed. I have 22Lb valve springs and chromoly push...
  4. XenonWolf10

    Chain Streching

    Yes, If i had to guess, the holes are 4 inches apart from eachother. I know there can be some slop in that rear sprocket but I try to center it as best as I can.
  5. XenonWolf10

    Chain Streching

    I run 40 chain on my Manco Thunderbird and constantly have to replace it due to stretching. Im not using cheapo chain either It is like 50$ for a 10 foot roll of stainless chain, pre-stretched. I constantly oil the chain and I just bought a brand new 72 tooth reproduction sprocket in hope that...
  6. XenonWolf10

    Old Model Predator 212 Upgrades

    I have a old model predator 212 on my Manco Thunderbird and im planning to do some mods to to increase hp. I already have a header and a bored carb. It is running gas and It will be ungoverned when parts come. I have a pretty low budget of 200$ and am new to doing all of this stuff. I just want...
  7. XenonWolf10

    Best off road mini bike

    Manco thunderbird