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  1. steven Durham

    I'm still alive (kb2rocket)

    Well how have YOU been still making your totems
  2. steven Durham

    Stolen mini bike

    I wonder if their is a reliable small gps tracker like it could be inside the seat ?? sorry for your loss
  3. steven Durham

    I hate Taco benders!

    I have seen that done to Flexo Scramblers Just had to have that CHINEESE junk makes you want to PUKE
  4. steven Durham

    Here's a goodun! Name it and tell me why I bought it.

    I like the pressure treated wood behind the seat Cast Iron motor base just very cool
  5. steven Durham

    Tri Sport

    I remember seeing the front fender and the windshield and with the Goodyear mud slinger tires the covered rear wheels would be helpful. is the body made in Fiber Glass ???
  6. steven Durham

    Tri Sport

    Is it a Alsport ? I have never seen one like it and the rear bumper either
  7. steven Durham

    Dune cycle springer joint stuck...

    Are they 3/4 inch or 1" inch
  8. steven Durham

    Fraudulent Mini bike parts sales on EBAY

    I once bought a Great Tote Goat and it had a Champion engine on it and I didn't then know what a clone engine was I put it together and sold it I will stick to the Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh engines
  9. steven Durham

    Doodlebug history

    The story started with showing a fluid drive clutch and I rember finding about these clutch they were used in Speed Queen washing machines because laundromat wash mechines were over loaded the would burn out regular belt drives. the clutch would just slip till the spinning clothes basked...
  10. steven Durham

    Happy Birthday Minibike Paul

    Wishing you a very happy birthday
  11. steven Durham

    Found this 1973 Briggs

    I know that Powell's were changed over to Tecumseh engines and they stopped the swing shift units.
  12. steven Durham

    Dunecycle Mojave 500E twin tuner model almost done.

    I remember seeing the chain drive gear box open and not in good shape I would hope yours is .
  13. steven Durham

    Building & Adjusting Wire Wheels

    Tom the pictures of your shop would get the Good House seal of Approval and that is a desirable attribute
  14. steven Durham

    Dunecycle Mojave 500E

    WOW that is just a Great Trike for a triker it's just say sexy as hell . In all my years as a triker I have never ridden a Dune cycle and that for sure is a very beautiful machine
  15. steven Durham

    Word Association Game

  16. steven Durham

    Word Association Game

  17. steven Durham

    Dune cycle

    It was long ago and I think it was rated for about 8 HP
  18. steven Durham

    Minibike insurance

    I had my Tri Sport RTS SL insured by State Farm but I also had other vehicles insured as well as home renters insurance The Tri Sport had full coverage and the agent just looked at a All-Sport brocure.
  19. steven Durham

    Dune cycle

    Any information on a Dune Cycle that had a wankel rotary engine