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  1. Triley41395

    Manco Screamer

    This is going to be a very basic restoration. I'll change the bearings and some bolts but the only real change will be the color add a seat and maybe the engine.
  2. Triley41395

    Cart wheels, anyone know what they came off of.

    These are 8 inch go-cart wheels but the owner doesn't know what they are from. Any ideas on brand and age. Thanks.
  3. Triley41395

    Disassembling Sebac shocks

    Thought I'd share a little vice fixture I made to disassemble sebacs without much effort and without damaging them.
  4. Triley41395

    Manco Screamer

    Picked this up last weekend. I'm fairly certain it's a Manco and not one they made for sears because it's marked Manco and the Sears models I've seen were marked Sears. Fairly complete minus seat,kickstand and TC cover. Not sure if it is the original engine but I think it is. Engine is dated...
  5. Triley41395

    Manco Screamer/Sears Orange Flash seat,kickstand

    Looking for a seat and kickstand for a Manco Screamer. The Sears Orange flash/Puddle jumper is the same bike so they would work also.
  6. Triley41395

    Lil indian engine plate size wanted

    Looking for dimensions off the motor plate of what looks like a model 500. Length, width, slot locations and location on the frame relative to the cable bracket. Thickness would be great also. I think I can buy a generic plate but I would rather make one as close to original as possible...
  7. Triley41395

    Speedway wheels? frame is???

    Any ideas what this is? Wheels look like my 70 speedway...the forks look like maybe powell??? Pedal style brakes.
  8. Triley41395

    Lil indian?

    I just bought this one thinking that it's a lil indian. Hopefully someone will know for sure. Previous owner said he was told that it was an arco or lil indian. Have to make a motor plate but frame is solid otherwise.
  9. Triley41395

    Who'S the resident Lauson engine expert?

    Trying to figure out the HP and approximate age of a Lauson engine. I'm hoping it's at least 2.5 hp. Been searching the web but not much info on the motor. Seems like it might have been a reel mower engine but that's about all I can figure,not sure though. Any help isappreciated. Thanks
  10. Triley41395

    Fuel line - size / brands / choices

    I'm sure this has been asked/discussed many times but when you do a search ten billion things pop up. Is there a specific brand and/or size of fuel line that most purchase. I'm looking for fuel line to go behind the shroud on tecumseh engines. Some of it is 7/16"od some says 1/2"od. I don't know...
  11. Triley41395

    3/4"Crank fixture for drilling and tapping

    Looking for a fixture/fixtures to drill and tap a 3/4" crank. Can't seem to locate one for sale online.
  12. Triley41395

    What size and years will fit this briggs shroud.

    Saved this from the scrap guy, wondering what size and years will it fit on. All I have is the shroud and a couple small pieces. Would like to swap it out with a newer engine if possible. I believe it's a 3hp from 1959
  13. Triley41395

    Something a little different??

    Any one know what this is. It's a little different than the usual. Neat looking old bike. Has a clinton but I don't know what size.
  14. Triley41395

    Can anyone tell what big wheel mini this is.

    Though maybe the rear fender would be a giveaway to this bike.
  15. Triley41395

    67,68,69 H35 engine ID tag/number plate.

    Looking for an h35 plate for the shroud. Don't really know what year it is but I'm sure it's close to those dates.
  16. Triley41395

    H35 throttle assembly options

    So I just realized that my H35 doesn't have any throttle control or even a place to mount one. Just wanted to know for sure if a 730136a would fit this tecumseh or I have several recreational controls that came of 8hp tecumsehs. Or maybe neither and I need something different. I just don't want...
  17. Triley41395

    What is the name of these wheels?

    Just wondering if this wheel has a formal name. You always hear people talking about gopowers which I know are marked, but were these made by a specific company or do they have a commonly used name?
  18. Triley41395

    Between flywheel and screen on 3.5 hp

    Does something go between the flywheel and screen on a 3.5hp engine. I am the one who disassembled it but I don't remember anything being between them but it looks like there was something.
  19. Triley41395

    How to break a tire bead, easy way

    Been messing with these wheels for a couple days now. Didn't want to chance busting one so no prying was attempted. Started surfing YouTube found a way that I had never seen. Took like 2 minutes total to break the bead on both sides. By far the best way I have found. Can't guarantee it will work...
  20. Triley41395

    How to slow/stop rust under fenders

    Just curious what most do to the underside of your fenders. I'd like to try and stop the rust under my fenders so that they might last another 50 years. I could sandblast and paint, use undercoating, I know POR is pretty good stuff. Aside from re-chroming what do most of you do. I'm thinking...