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  1. dave dickson

    Tecumseh HM80 governor removal?

    Guess you haven't been caught yet, but you can expect a butt chewing,, I believe there is a sticky rule on removing the governor, or even speaking about it in this forum,, If you have ever saw a motor come apart from over extending the RPMs, well it ain't pretty! I strongly suggest that you...
  2. dave dickson

    brand new predator with honda piston

    Good luck with this one, Would like to see pics of your mod's progress, personally, I wouldn't mod my new Pred. engine, but I am interested in the results,,,, dave dickson
  3. dave dickson

    Hello again!!

    Hello All here at, I know it has been awhile since anyone has heard from me, as I have been through a lot of personal drama, but so far, with determination, and with quite a few prayers that got answered, I find myself in a much better situation, now, then I was in back in 2009...
  4. dave dickson

    Another one

    OMG, MTD!! What did you pay for your's??, bought mine a few weeks ago, almost complete, no drive belt, and not sure if the 3.5 runs?? I took mine apart,to clean it real good and am almost back together, struggling with the idea of putting a tec 5 on it, good luck getting it back together, but...
  5. dave dickson

    Old Bush Wacker Needs TLC

    I have to agree, the 6 inch wheels look great, what kind of motor you gonna put in there? I will be watching this build. Dave Dickson
  6. dave dickson

    Should I take this on?

    Deal at $100!!, At least I think so, you got $100.00, worth of parts, the motors, both are worth double, running, and they will run, now you have multiplied your money x 4, if you put one of those Predator motors on that bike, keep in mind, there will be some mods that you will have to do, the...
  7. dave dickson

    Too Hot Outside.......

    Hey Jeep,, Like the bonanza,, how many teeth are on those two sprockets, on tba secondary shaft, how many on the rear tire??? About how fast?? I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Dave Dickson
  8. dave dickson

    MTD Minibike

    Just in; Bought this little beauty yesterday, not saying how much, want to get it going after it gets a serious bath, rear tire repair, the biggest thing is that darn torque converter belt, where do you get them??
  9. dave dickson

    I was disappointed!!

    NEC, my disappointment came when I couldn't find the information right away, I read a thread where it was sugested to put the timing back using the scratches from the screws from a prior mounting, I robbed one motor for the whole ignition assembly,using those screw scratches, same screws crime...
  10. dave dickson

    I was disappointed!!

    I came here the other day, looking for the proper way to set the points and timing, on a Tec 3.5, at least that's what I think I have, it's a motor that I got on a bike last year, no recoil housing, therefore no numbers. Last summer I switched parts with some parts I had to make a whole motor...
  11. dave dickson

    CL find, too new to minis to know what it is

    Good find for $60.00, a real treasure, hope you have a lot of fun on it!!
  12. dave dickson

    Please need Advice, Running out of time

    I get like that sometimes myself, with money being so tight, and the holidays in the next few days,, I am looking forward to the new year, and getting my shop back together, I plan on doing a few how to videos of a few of these tricky little problems people run ongoing these bikes, your's is...
  13. dave dickson

    Please need Advice, Running out of time

    Work your twist grip, it will pull the cable back into the sheeth, that is acceleration, and if you let go of the grip and pull on the cable that is return to idle, that is what the spring will do, return to idle, the sheeth should be fastened so it is held still, but not smashed into the cable...
  14. dave dickson

    motor dying when hot, greyhound clone

    The exaust tip is a good one,, personally I would change that oil back to straight 30wt, I would run 10 w 40 in the winter, I would check my fuel for water, I would also suspect your coil, they will fail after they become warm. Dave Dickson
  15. dave dickson

    Hello Again Old Friends and New!

    Well Quickdraw, the little woman and myself, had a very bad disagreement and as a man that feels loke there is nothing in this world worth fighting over, I left,she got the house, kids,and the means to pay the billls, the bf moved in and other things became more important. I think one of the...
  16. dave dickson

    Hello Again Old Friends and New!

    Hello All, I'm back again! Just to let you all that remember me know I m back home in beautiful Akron Ohio, gpt my home back, been somewhat trying to get my shop set back up. I just this morning bpught this new phone that will let me do all sorts of new tricks, so I hope to send you guys...
  17. dave dickson

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Gosh, Ive missed the OldMiniBikes,, my little laptop came up stolen, lost alot of stuff on that, bought what they said was a Smart Phone, but its not smart enough to post on here. For those who remember me, Im doing fine, and all of you who prayed for me, well it worked, Im now back in my home in...
  18. dave dickson

    Im back!!!

    Not sure if any of you guys remember me but if you do, here's an update on my situation. I got my house in Akron, Ohio, back!! The X finially vacated it on Dec. 1 2010, and since she did that on her own free will the contract will bounce back to me and I will only have around 5 1/2 years to pay...
  19. dave dickson

    Anyone know what type of Kart this is ???

    I had a 42 tooth sprocket and a 12 tooth clutch on a IC Briggs 5, it would turn the tires on take off and have plenty of top end speed, I weight around 180, and would sometimes be carring a 40 lb kid, you should be alright with that clone you have. I have a 6.0 briggs on the cart I have...
  20. dave dickson

    what carb can I use?

    Mountian, Those carbs are easy to rebuild so keep it!, You may be able to get that lawn mower carb to work, not sure, I remember I tried that once but can't remember what the results were, I really don't mess with Tec's that much anymore. You should also give that kid his own set of...