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  1. manchester1

    Wanted. Tecumseh front tin.

    This is what I need. Thank you.
  2. manchester1

    Wanted. Tecumseh front tin.

    This is the motor I am working on. Thank you.
  3. manchester1

    Wanted. Tecumseh front tin.

    The picture above is just for a photo, not the actual motor.
  4. manchester1

    Wanted. Tecumseh front tin.

    Does anybody have a Tecumseh tin that goes on the front of motor. It is for a vintage H25 but I'm sure H30 will work.
  5. manchester1

    ARCO 3 Z Wheeler

    Hi Ron. Start your own post so people can help. There isn't much info about these trikes. (This is Karen from Facebook)
  6. manchester1

    FS: NOS Garelli Bronco Frame

    The seller hasn't been on the page for 8 years.
  7. manchester1

    Engine stand

    Thank you, I ordered one.
  8. manchester1

    Engine stand

  9. manchester1

    Engine stand

    I have had this idea in my head for a long time. I might of even seen this on the forum. Working on a Skat kitty engine in a small engine space finally made me build this.
  10. manchester1

    rebel micro-cycle mini bike

    Like said above, this post is very old and the member hasn't been on the forum since 2013. You can take a long shot and try sending a private message.
  11. manchester1

    Thoughts on this?

    For that price I would think it should be in much better condition and also the engine sould run. I would work on that seller. Lol
  12. manchester1

    Thoughts on this?

    It looks all original with all the parts. Maybe a little high on price but will all the parts that is great.
  13. manchester1

    Questions regarding Lil Indian 400 Brake Lever and Throttle Assembly

    I would say brake lever on left is correct and wrong throttle assembly. I think that throttle is called Oden. Most Lil Indians has the waffle grips as Patrick posted.
  14. manchester1


    There is a nice original Trail Flight for sale on my Facebook group
  15. manchester1

    Need Help With Rupp Serial #94610

    Looks like the mice ate the motor plate. Lol.
  16. manchester1

    Happy Birthday "OND"

    Happy birthday Eric. Wishing you a great birthday
  17. manchester1

    5" Tires

    Check Coker Tire company. They make some of the older size tires for mini bikes, especially the Rupp tires. Look under their scooter section.
  18. manchester1

    Be careful. There seems to be a couple scammers working the wanted ads.

    As usual, these scammers like to work the wanted ads. I had them reach out to me and just ignored them. Just sounded to shakey to me. Protect yourself. Never pay friends and family if you don't know them. I didn't get scammed so I don't feel I should call them out but.....If you got...
  19. manchester1

    Beam Mfg. Doodlebug '46-'48

    Someone just posted one for sale in my Facebook group. It is 800.00 in Ohio. Let me see if I can post a link.