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  1. Twid

    I got robbed

    Yeah never got them back. Ever since the theft I haven’t done anything with my other minis besides sell most of them. But I’m thinking about jumping back on and rock N Roll. WideF#ckingOpen Twid
  2. Twid

    I got robbed

    Never got them back.
  3. Twid

    How to Reduce Blow-By? (modded engine question)

    Cut a extra set of ring grooves in the piston and ad a extra set of ring. 275!
  4. Twid

    5HP Briggs

    I almost pissed my self watching that video!
  5. Twid

    I got robbed

    If it was up to me I'd smash hands with my ball peen. But the law is in charge now.
  6. Twid

    I got robbed

    A couple of fellas came over cut the locks and took two of my mini's. My build off bike from last year and my chicks invader. I got them on camera, young kids I recognized. What you all don't know is I'm a campus supervisor at the high school two blocks from my house and I coach on the football...
  7. Twid

    212 hemi

  8. Twid

    predator 420cc how quick

    10 year old thread.
  9. Twid

    My Dream Autorama I would pay STUPID money to see ...

    I loved goin to the Oakland roadster show growing up, my uncle use to tell me these are big boy toys as he pointed at all the kustoms cars.
  10. Twid

    L.A Drag Spot.

    Keep them coming.
  11. Twid

    2HP Restoration/Hot Rod

    Looks good!
  12. Twid

    Briggs Animal.

    Pm sent!
  13. Twid

    Current Manufacturers?

    Check out barstool racer kits, barstool racer parts, mini bike racers, gokart
  14. Twid

    Emptying attachments??

    Become a supporting member!
  15. Twid

    Favorite mini???

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Winner! Winner! Winner!
  16. Twid

    Drag build

    Check this out. Jr. Dragster Plus ? View forum - Engines
  17. Twid

    1970 ks

    I'm done messing with him I started to get hate pm's from his fan club. If anyone wants to talk to handy give him a call. (727) 421-4555
  18. Twid

    new member today,hello all

    Welcome to the addition!
  19. Twid

    Lakeland Billetproof 2016

  20. Twid

    Murray Track 2 worth $100?