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    ec 263r... worth it for big power?

    Wow great info Tkx Delray!
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    old school walk behind tractor

    That is way COOL ! :cool:
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    I can't help myself

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    Rascal Mini Bike Whoa!!!!

    Sharp looking bike! :scooter:
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    Beer thread

    Now that's what I be talkin bout c'mon! :cool: Not a real big fan of the beer... Peach Crown on the rocks now we be talking... I can hold up a 2wheel hand truck and smile all afternoon... or is it the 2wheel hand truck held me up? Hmm... Thots 2Ponder ;)
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    E mini bike. Controller problems.

    Anyone seen the electric drag bike run? Watched a video of on yahoo (I think) its hitting 200mph in the quarter mile! So Nathan hang on when ya Goug'r Delbert! And for heavens sake clean that electric rats nest up you're scaring/scarring us Ol'Dudes here!
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    Been catching up on my R/C Aircraft projects & flying ,, this season.

    Holy Poop Batman you hit that nail on right on the head! Thinking that the general consensus ! Their customer service... Ain't!
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    Picked this up yesterday; What is it?

    I'm digging it... no clue but I like it!
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    predator 212 isn’t starting.

    it's fuel related, check your idle circuit, main jet. Where is the slide setting on the inside? Where's your clip at?
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    Cheetah Parts

    Jeffh wow nice score! Welcome to the madness! I'd clean it up and roll with it! :scooter:
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    Murray Track2 wont run

    Need to disassemble the carb and clean all the pathways/ports/screens/floats/needle valves etc u-tube is your friend. Purchase a rebuild kit and clean clean clean. some carb cleaner will assist you. Be safe handling chemicals. Note where your needle valves are set by counting the turns. When...
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    Been catching up on my R/C Aircraft projects & flying ,, this season.

    I do enjoy the post guys, thank you!
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    Parts for predator 212

    Gotta love the inspiring younger generation, Kudos to Mr ColeWeb! We have us another generation to carry on the love of this world! I'm very much w Pancho here to make money building engines will be a tough row to hoe as mom used to say. Have a machinist buddie that told me yrs ago, "you can...
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    Rattling then won’t run

    The Blow'd out hole is where the on/off switch was once located... The valve train "looks" ok-ish. Do you have compression
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    Parts for predator 212

    Cole do a search on this forum all the info you desire is here with a little research. You got this Sir there is a huge pool of knowledge to pull from. You sir have learned this. Help us help you with a little research on your end. Just the fact that you want to go there is worthy kind Sir!
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    Predator 212 top speed issues

    So I have a Safety question here... Did we remove the governor and install a billet rod and flywheel? Bypassing the governor is not promoted on this site. If you're going to do this then do it the right way and install a Billet Rod and Flywheel for safeties sake! If/When It grenades and you're...
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    Been catching up on my R/C Aircraft projects & flying ,, this season.

    WOW Good looking Planes Ian! Tkx for sharing!!!! :cool:
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    What is this part from my Baja 200?

    What have you taken apart lately? Clutch? Wheels? Brakes?
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    Rattling then won’t run

    Got Info, Need info, more and more info Got Pics?
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    Just found this mini at a car swap today -

    Nice Score! :scooter: