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  1. delray

    Help with rupps jack shafts

    They can get beat up over the years or rust up from sitting outside,threads damage..etc..
  2. delray

    Help with rupps jack shafts

    I would think they would be easy to make if you have a old one in front of you to measure dem's...etc.. 5/8 on both sides with threads and a keyways.
  3. delray

    ec 263r... worth it for big power?

    think you would be way better off with the EVO head from EC CARBS . head is on sale right now for $299 and you need to buy the springs,retainers,keepers separate and that will be another $50. this head will out flow that go power head all day and might be one of best casted heads on the market...
  4. delray

    ec 263r... worth it for big power?

    I'm sure there will be some clearance issues. anytime you stick a 58 mm crank in a clone block, things are going to touch. i doubt that EC will do that for you and there will be more than likely have cam lobe clearance issues when getting into the 300 and higher lift cams. just make sure you...
  5. delray


    still in Chicago :D
  6. delray


    Here we go again with FedEx. they are so bad. wasn't my choice to use them. company purchase the item from uses them. starts out on jan 30 CA and now it's sitting in Chicago for two days:mad:. i wish kept the first tracking info saying it will arrive on Saturday feb 4. now that's been taking...
  7. delray


    Top view video from Friday night.
  8. delray


    he's kid. ...16yrs old
  9. delray


    First race of the year at the BARN in Des Moines Iowa and Won the double header that weekend and took home the money race on Friday night. Battle at the barn minibike main 1-20-23 Battle at the barn minibike main 1-21-23
  10. delray

    Small engine stands

    If anyone is still looking for a engine stand to work on your small engine. BMI has this style stand. can't say if it is good or bad. maybe someone has this style and can chem in. either way here it is.
  11. delray

    ISO Salsbury 330

    Ole, GTC is based on the 340. that would be the same as a 20 series. 3/4 belt. A factory Artic Cat would have a 330 5/8 belt.
  12. delray

    Trail buck revival

    looking nice.
  13. delray

    Another MX project….

    LOOKING GOOD SKIPP. Not even done and looking cool.
  14. delray

    How fast is too fast ?

    bike gets gear to the track. but in the past, it has been clocked over 70+mph
  15. delray

    How fast is too fast ?

    this is when you're going to fast on a minibike.... lol
  16. delray


    We had an Awesome year again in flat track racing. most win's and first in points.
  17. delray

    Tecumseh Cam

    think we can all agree that nothing can flow good when air and fuel has to crash and bounce around in a port like this.  i been using a product that is made just for reshaping ports now for couple years. mostly on my clone stuff and depending on the motor and track i will see them spin from...
  18. delray


    Hey Tom,Happy Birthday.
  19. delray

    Happy Birthday RobertC.

    hey Robert, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. JUST TURN 50... RIGHT... LOL
  20. delray

    So I went on another adventure…

    i will be over to pick it up skipp. you can keep the