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  1. byron ness

    Go Devil needle and seat

    The 2 stroke Fugi Go Devil. I hope I do not have to resort to trying a different style carb on it. I just can not get this needle valve cleaned up enough to get it to run right. Sorry I do not have a pic right now.
  2. byron ness

    Go Devil needle and seat

    Does anyone have suggestions on where I could locate a needle and seat for my Go Devil? I would take a whole carb if there is one out there, or if there is something else that could replace an original. Thank you
  3. byron ness

    Bringing the Go Devils back to life.

    They have been sitting for 5, maybe 6 years and I decided to get them ready again for some parades this summer if there are enough riders. They both needed carburetors reworked and one gas tank redone. They both got new throttle cables, fuel filters and fuel lines. They run good again and start...
  4. byron ness

    Veterans Day thoughts

    Once again I want to share some of my thoughts on tomorrow being Veterans Day. I did post this on my FB page also. We sat in church this past 4th of July and one of the songs chosen was "America the beautiful". When the congregation started singing it, I am not ashamed to say that it gave me a...
  5. byron ness

    Muskin cat collectibility

    Never owned one until 2 weeks ago. I thought there should be a Cat in the collection.
  6. byron ness

    New Rider

    Good job! If you are like me, the smiles on their faces are just about as big as the one my face when I see them riding. Between the young kids riding my minibikes and the pedal toys, it is the best.
  7. byron ness

    Kustom Kart Shop

    I am glad this was back up on top. I read it a long time ago and it was just as fun to go through it again.
  8. byron ness

    Honda Movie

    Thanks for posting this. I tried to compare how we learned as kids!
  9. byron ness

    Veterans Day thoughts

    We were returning from Madison Wisconsin last night after picking up another mini. This one is a Honda Z50A, one just like the other one we have that is identical. With two boys in our family who are now in their 40's and they both think they should have the Z. We thought it was the only way to...
  10. byron ness

    What up ?

    Merry Christmas to you.
  11. byron ness

    Removing tires

    We like Gibbs for all kinds of applications on the farm. I used it on a stuck brake cable on a Honda Z50 and it loosened up in half an hour. I have used it on minibike tires as well, but they were not stuck to the bead too hard. The next little tire I do, I am going to try some "Skid". It is a...
  12. byron ness

    What A Pleasure It Was...

    Retirement has it's privileges! Sounds like a great day.
  13. byron ness

    Word Association Game

  14. byron ness

    Here's more of my 4 wheel toys

    Very cool stuff!
  15. byron ness

    Gas price.

    $2.65 in Minnesota
  16. byron ness

    Word Association Game

  17. byron ness

    On the Road Again

    Glad to hear you are in. Fire up that welder (and brain)!