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  1. Bigtank05

    monster moto pro 212

    thank you
  2. Bigtank05

    monster moto pro 212

    anyone know who makes these 212cc 7.5 engines that come on them.
  3. Bigtank05

    need a seat and 10 inch wheels

    havent been on in a year or so. who was the board memeber who does custom seats for mini bikes. i still havent finished my alexxander reynolds mini bike for years ago. i totally forgot about it and was cleaning out my storage and seen in the backof the storage. my focus was on my mother fighting...
  4. Bigtank05

    manco hyper foxx go kart

    where can i find a stock carb for this go kart or even better the carb bowl. friend gave me the go kart and its missing the carb bowl. it has a robin 5hp engine.
  5. Bigtank05


    i have an alexander reynolds with the 10 inch spoke wheels. havent work on it in a year and only lacking tires. i was wondering could i use scooter tires that are 3.00-10 same as the originals. i was wondering if the kenda k413 tires are tube less and if tube less tires would work on the 10...
  6. Bigtank05

    top speed calculators

    yeah im 6'2 250 solid and was wondering when i ever finish mine will the 5.5 briggs carry me around pretty good.
  7. Bigtank05

    top speed calculators

    yeah im 6'2 250 solid and was wondering when i ever finish mine will the 5.5 briggs carry me around pretty good.
  8. Bigtank05

    The Ghetto bike(rupp)

    real nice work.
  9. Bigtank05

    What did you do to your mini today?

    i havnet touch my minibike in a year. dont know why i havent finished it. guess im lazy lol. lacking 3.00-10 tires, brake drums and cable. wow. also i was wondering what was that site for the exhaust pipes. my best friend little boy has not stop asking me when im goin to finish my minibke since...
  10. Bigtank05

    Painting a Plastic Tank

    krylon plastic paint.
  11. Bigtank05

    need mini bike frame or go kart!!

    if you were located in texas i could hook you up.
  12. Bigtank05

    Zipster Build...

    very nice. where did you get the tires.
  13. Bigtank05

    Alexander Reynolds progress

    This is my progress so far on my alexander reynolds. I still have alot of work to do and things that need to be done over. I have the throttle cable and brake cable but havent installed them yet. If you can see from where the foot pegs should go on the right side, i will need to extend it. I...
  14. 5.5 briggs on frame

    5.5 briggs on frame

  15. Bigtank05

    tires size questions

    I have 3.00-10 tires on my alexander reynolds mini-bike. these are wire rims also. The tires need to be replace and i was wondering if i 3.50-10 tires would if the 10 inch rims. i going to go with scooter tires. either 3.50-10 or 2.00-10 tire. i want the back tire wider than the front tire. Also...
  16. Bigtank05

    Streached Alex-Reyn With Big Block

    nice cant wait to see it finish. i have the same minibike.
  17. Bigtank05

    Harbor Freight 6.5HP Clones on SALE again. Get your COUPON here.

    how are we suppose to use that coupon. will they take it if we copy and print it out or what.
  18. Bigtank05

    Mini Bike Build Off: Duster Chopper 2007

    nice i love the black on black.
  19. Bigtank05

    Rupp Roadster Project

    what did you do to clean up the rusty rims.
  20. Bigtank05

    how to remove clutch off engine

    i will check tomorrow. i left it on my riding mower trailer at my friends house yesterday.