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  1. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    I just got the head mounted to the bottom end of the motor so its mostly together. I'm just waiting on a couple odds and ends to arive in the mail and I'll have a fully assembled motor, Then I just need to add fotpegs to the bike buy a few more parts and assemble it. Unless there are some un...
  2. joshua. c.

    Mini Bikes in your house?

    I've got around 7 in my basement right now, most are projects needing work and 1 runner that I will be modding further. I'm collecting one of every 70s bike I've seen that I like. I try not to buy 2 of the same brand. I mostly only buy full suspention big wheel bikes and It will be one nice...
  3. joshua. c.

    clutch choice advice neaded

    so I Googled world formula clutch and the 200$ Titan clutch pops up, from its description It looks like a good option.
  4. joshua. c.

    Not sure what I have or what year it is.

    That bike is a nice score! It looks all origenal and complete. (you dont find that often). You could re chrome the wheels but its expensive. If it were mine I would just remove the rust and paint them.
  5. joshua. c.

    Some new old vinyage Rupps I picked up and getting ready to fix up.

    so why is this in the "What is it?" thread section? you clearly know what you have.
  6. joshua. c.

    clutch choice advice neaded

    Whather a juggernaut is good for high rpms or not isn't the issue its still not as good as a clutch for high revs, its a bigger heavyer drive train. The reason this model bonanza isn't well set up for a torque converter is there isn't any room between the swing arm and jackshaft to fit the...
  7. joshua. c.

    clutch choice advice neaded

    to massacre, a juggernaut is a torque converter and as I stated, the bonanza won't be getting one. Torque converters limit top end rpm. High end rpm is what this motor is built for so thats a no go. also full suspention bonanzas aren't set up well for torque converters. I do have another bike...
  8. joshua. c.

    clutch choice advice neaded

    I have a built up Briggs Animal racing motor built to turn 9000+ rpms that is going into a Bonanza frame. Its not getting a torque converter so which centrifugal clutches will hold up to this type of punishment? I would prefer not to use a plate clutch. I have a hillard, the type with the outer...
  9. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    I'll have to check but it may be mixed like that. I went to a welding supply store and told them what I was doing and they sold me the tank.
  10. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    Just got the new arc billet rod so I started the motor build. The bottom end is assembled and I'll have the rest of it done as soon as I get another afternoon to work on it, then comes the tricky part (carb tuning). Aftermarket carbs are ussualy a bit off out of the box mostly because they're...
  11. joshua. c.

    Go kart identification

    I beleve thats a Manco Dingo.
  12. joshua. c.

    38mph Sears!

    The billet rod for the ohh55 from arc racing fits this motor and the cam can be re ground by dyno cams for more lift and better duration, if you do that and add some stiffer valve springs that top end will increase quite a bit. also buying and installing the h50 motorsports coil it increases the...
  13. joshua. c.

    New here saying hi what's everyone working on?

    These are my first three prioritys. The bike in the first picture and my focuss right now The bonanza is nearly complete, the motor is refreshed and waiting on a part for re assembly. The next top priority is the speedway in the second picture, the frame is done, it still needs a front break...
  14. joshua. c.


    The Massimoto and the Coalman are popular bikes but how about the Massimoto mb200s? s= rear suspention. Its a rear suspention version of the mb200 being advretized on they're website at 700$ compared to 1000$ for its hard tailed counterpart, compaired to a full suspention trailmaster thats...
  15. joshua. c.

    How fast is too fast ?

    When ridding off road you need a helmet not get wipped in the face by very small low hanging branches and vines I used to ride on an abandond rail line and you should see the scraches on my helmets from them, long sleeves and pants help also. The ability to stop quickly due to obsticles like...
  16. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    I finaly found my camera. This is the brake setup I came up with, from past experence I've found the internal springs in the brakes aren't strong enough to fully retract the rupp style brake levers so I always add an extra spring over the cable, I bought them at ACE hardware and cut them to size.
  17. joshua. c.

    How fast is too fast ?

    I ride off road only. so it's only to fast when your shocks can't keep you stable anymore and your bouncing off the bike lol. My new bike might be capable of 70 but I'll need to finish it and get it running first. It's a Briggs Animal racing motor moded to the gills strapped into a full...
  18. joshua. c.

    Let's discuss endurance racing

    Recently multi hour mini bike endurence races have started popping up and they are becoming popular, so lets discuss. So what did you think of them? Did anything funny or interesting happen? What types of things did you see break most often? what advice would you dive a newcomer ect? I've never...
  19. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    Another quick update: set the ring gap for the piston properly this time and found out the rod I have probably isnt from ARC. I threw out the busings to get new ones just to find the new ones from ARC for the rod for this motor don't fit. this must be either an out of date model or be made by a...
  20. joshua. c.

    highschool desighn and set up stupidity.

    anyone else have any werd issues with highschool setup or managment?