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  1. bikesisbikes

    What is it?

    JP Penney, I believe.
  2. bikesisbikes

    Rick C.- new here

    Welcome to the forum. Couple of really nice looking, "buzz bikes," you have there.
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    Brake cables with 3/8" Barrels for A Heald Trike Needed

    Try these folks. Motion Pro Cable Barrel Fittings - 10/Pack 01-0010 | eBay
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    Can you add rake just by angling the fork legs, and not the neck?

    Just my uninformed opinion: But wouldn't you be creating a point of torque, by cutting and extending the forks to push the front wheel out? It seems to me, along with the many other issues, you would be creating a weak spot that, even if reenforced, would always be a design issue.
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    Trike ID help

    That's interesting. The body, (at least the rear portion), suggest Owosso. But they had square tube frames and even the Explorer, (their street version), didn't have that sweeping body. The flat iron forks are unique. I'm going to sit back and see what the consensus is.
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    Spring Meet in Oley, PA

    Ah yes! The, "I have sold something and now I have money burning a hole in my pocket". "I think I'll just walk around and see what others have", scenario!
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    ARCO 3 Z Wheeler

    That is a very unique looking trike. Do as Karen says. Start your own thread. I'd love to watch that build come together. The "Go Cart" roots are very obvious.
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    Spring Meet in Oley, PA

    I used to go to the antique bike show every year. I did make it to the 2nd minibike show, but have not been able to get back up there since. I am thinking about staying the night, so it's not just a long day of driving. The last time I did that I took a camping trailer with me. When the show...
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    Spring Meet in Oley, PA

    I'm going to put myself down for going, again. Hopefully, I'll actually make it this year. BTW, what does, "the great downsize", mean
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    You are probably right. But those front housing look very much like a set of Harley lights. Especially with the "forgotten in a field" corrosion going on with the pot metal.
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    An SL. Pretty complete too. Harley turn signal indicators on the front. They look like side marker lights, (like on a large truck), for the rear signal indicators. Probably put there to comply with state laws.
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    Bonanza Frame- what model?

    It looks like a 1200 to me. A Bonanza expert will be along shortly.
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    Mikuni carb issue

    This older thread might help. If not, try You Tube. There are probably 20, or more, videos of people tuning Mikunis to Predators.
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    what is this

    Heat wrap!?
  15. bikesisbikes

    Need some help!

    Do a search, ( the resources section above), for sprocket calculators. They will give you two or three combinations that will achieve your goal.
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    Need some help!

    Nice looking trike. There are a few folks here, that have them. I'm sure they will be along to help. Skis are hard to come by, no matter what the brand name. Getting rid of the lawnmower tires, on the rear, and replacing them with proper "terra tires", will go a long way to making it a much more...
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    Route 21 Trading Company.....Contact?

    My last contact, with them, (a couple of years ago), they had been months filling an order for a fender. After several attempts, I finally made email contact and was told they were doing what they could, but if I needed it faster, other places sold the same part. About 10 days later, a real nice...
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    Just Finished

    Lookin goooood! Someone just became "Pop Pop" of the year for a long time coming.
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    What’s is this frame

    I don't know the brand name, but that is an, "amusement park" "fun Cart". Before you put some power to it, very carefully check the welds. Those things spend a lot of time banging into each other.
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    NSU mini bike unsure of what year and model would like some information

    I had an NSU, 250 cc motorcycle, long ago. Very, very long ago. It was my first motorcycle. But, back to your mini, I would guess, based upon the design, it is from the mid to late 70s. Maybe 75 through 80. I say that because it looks very much like the basic design of a Harley Shortster or...