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  1. longlongtimeago

    H35 Smokes...

    Thanks for your advice. I'm really asking what to expect after I pull it apart, BEFORE I pull it apart. In general do guys have any luck just re-ringing these things or is it common that I will find the bore to be shot.
  2. longlongtimeago

    H35 Smokes...

    Original 3.5 hp on my 1970 Rupp Scrambler has really started smoking. Seems worst at and just off idle. Should I assume it's the rings? If you agree, think I can get away with just a hone and rings? Really don't want to go thru the hassle of boring it . Not sure if I can even get oversize parts...
  3. longlongtimeago

    Rupp rear shock options...

    I have decided to upgrade the rear shocks on my 70 Scrambler. I weigh in at 250 and the originals are not doing the trick. I have seen some new shocks rated at 450 LBS compression. and some at 730 LBS,Not sure how that relates to my application.. What have you guys used? Thanks Jim
  4. longlongtimeago

    Opinion, Paint this Rupp or leave it....

    Just getting time to work on this Scrambler I bought last fall. It's the Holy Grail for me as it's a twin to the bike I got for Christmas as a 12 year old. Crazy original bike. Someone added a kill switch and the previous owner told me his cousin [the original owner] added a Roadster exhaust...
  5. longlongtimeago

    What is this 10'' wire wheel please....

    Guy told me it was a Rupp, but of course it is not. What have I got here?
  6. longlongtimeago

    3.5 hp diaphragm carb rebuild questions

    Today I attempted to rebuild the original diaphrarm carb on my 1970 Rupp scrambler. I ran into a couple questions.. I removed the carb with the intake manifold still attached and noticed there was no gasket between the manifold and the that right? Second question, the diaphragm I...
  7. longlongtimeago

    Subaru 7 hp off a pressure washer...

    Guy wants to trade me a 7 hp subaru engine off a pressure washer...I never heard of them before. Do they work on a vintage bike? Kinda looks like a predator no? [I've never seen it in person] Thanks you...
  8. longlongtimeago

    Since I have it apart..should I replace the coil?

    I have a couple snowblower engines in various degree of being apart...detailing, painting exhaust and carb changes blower / recoil swaps... should I replace the coil just because I'm there? Are the cheapo chinacumsehs good enough? [$11]
  9. longlongtimeago

    Bonanza fork disassembly

    Well I finally had the time to fude areoud with this yesterday. Soaked it over week... Heated it, punched it twisted it... None of it worked.. I ended up taking a hunk of 3/16 solid rod..grease it up a bit and hammered it thru the handle bar opening at the grip....slick as crap. Both springs...
  10. longlongtimeago

    1970 Rupp silver paint.

    Awesome information. Everything you said was true. I have a can of 248949 on order. Hopefully that will give me the gloss I am looking for.
  11. longlongtimeago

    1970 Rupp silver paint.

    I found some Rustoleum Aluminum Engine paint, says gasoline resistant on the can. Sprayed some on an old shroud. It looked really good wet, but dried down dead flat. Too flat for me.
  12. longlongtimeago

    Bonanza fork disassembly

    Well I'm back on it Friday, I had it cherry red toady and it didn't move. Hope another day of soaking works. Think I might have to split the tube?
  13. longlongtimeago

    Bonanza fork disassembly

    I have two bonanza BC's.. Last week I took one fork apart and the struggle to pull the springs out wasn't too bad.. Today I went to dissemble the For the life of me, I can't get the springs out of fork. The top portion is seized in the frame tube. Bolts came out easy, springs...
  14. longlongtimeago

    hssk50 carburetor choice.

    I guess I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row for spring.. Seems like the carb on my hssk40 turns to crap every spring..and spring is coming. I have used probably 3 ebay cheapo specials on it over the last few years. Now I have that engine to make happy and the HSSK50 I just acquired a month...
  15. longlongtimeago

    recoil screen

    I have a shroud to put on my hssk50 that takes this style recoil...but none of the recoils I have found, new or used have this screen. As a matter of fact, I can't find another picture of this style screen anyplace. Please tell me what I have and need...
  16. longlongtimeago

    What to use for exhaust pipe?

    Thanks for all the replies!
  17. longlongtimeago

    HSSK40 vs. HSSK50

    I was just reading the specs on the two engines on the pinrepair you so generally provided. Obviously with the bigger bore, the 5 HP is the way to go. I don't know what that guy was telling me....
  18. longlongtimeago

    Document on Tecumseh Snowblower to Minibike engine conversion

    This is a fabulous reference that has helped me a ton. It's great to have someone who has made this much effort and shares with us. Thanks !
  19. longlongtimeago

    HSSK40 vs. HSSK50

    I have both an HSSK40 and a HSSK50 both are about the same vintage. I assumed the 50 was a more powerful engine but today a small engine mechanic told me they are both the same engine with the only difference being the advertised HP. Is that true?
  20. longlongtimeago

    What to use for exhaust pipe?

    I have never needed to but tube this small...where can you buy it? Is this a home depot kinda thing?