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    You guys see the new ACR parts for predator/clone?

    The Ducar 212 crank has a gx200 (or clone of course) size rod journal, but the wrist pin in the piston is larger. You can use a clone rod on the crank if you swap the piston to a regular predator (hemi for a flat top or regular style for a dish). The head has a 27 24mm valve combo, but the angle...
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    270 Carb with a 390 adapter?

    Be careful with a 270 carb and 390 adapter.. the 390 gasket is too big, and wont seal.. I put some epoxy in the vent channel where it was close to sealing, and made a gasket. (epoxy on the side away from where the vent actually breaths through. My kart runs very well with the 270 carb on meth...
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    Head porting and polishing

    I average building around three heads per week, and average four SA or 390 carbs. I get $80.00 to port..that includes flow testing (they are usually flowed a few times to get them exactly where I want them). I build them with all the info I can get from the customer. I want to know what it will...
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    Perfomance built Hemi Predator project

    I mean just cut the deck for a stainless oring.. its .041 thick, you leave about .010 out and run a copper gasket. My friend does mine, he can do it with the shortblock assembled.
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    Perfomance built Hemi Predator project

    You could have the block oringed too.. I have had good luck with it.. just one failure, but it was due to the block having a small part of a deck extension on it still.
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    New 18cc clone head.

    I didn't have any problems with installing the 32mm valve seat.. I unshrouded the chamber as well.. it is going on a 2.815 bore, so I had room to get it nice.
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    New 18cc clone head.

    I flowed one as well.. nothing special at all (as expected). I have done one with a 28mm valve, and one with a 32mm valve.. they both turned out very nice.
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    short stroke hemi

    ^^I agree... and bigger bore helps all of them.. if you have enough flow to keep up any way.
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    New 18cc clone head.

    I have a few too.. I just put a seat and a 28.5 valve in one today, I hope to flow it tomorrow..I will be doing a 32 as well
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    Open Clone Build

    Its gonna be a beast.. Cold?? Its 17 here now... burr
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    Open Clone Build

    The dyno this engine was run on shows lower than most dynos I have seen too.. this is a very good running engine! I would expect it to show 24hp on most dynos..especially shops that bulid a lot of legal stocker clones.
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    Follow up question on 1.3 rocker....beyond frustrated

    What springs are on the engine.. and , did you put a 1.3 on the intake and exhaust?
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    hemi head rework

    This is a very good thread! I have done a lot of Hemi heads, and like them.. :)
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    Dyno numbers on black mamba cams?

    I wish I could answer this. The thing is, the port plays a huge role in the power range.. Do you have flow numbers on the head?
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    Yet another quick question

    I have done a pile of engines with mod 2 cams and a 1.3 rocker on the intake only. If the intake valve is larger than stock, and the port flows a lot more than stock, you may benefit from a 1.3 on the exhaust as well. The only way to know 100% is have the head flowed.. IMO
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    Open Clone Build

    I look forward to seeing it completed.. I predict a monster :)
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    Open Clone Build

    You will need bracing on it to keep it alive if it makes the power it most likely will. A clone block is very prone to breaking, they try to blow the jug off. I have broke several in half..
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    Dyno tested engine......

    I'm not confused.. Its simple math... That's 1.68 hp per cubic inch.. I'm just saying you have got to have enough flow to support that, along with compression... I could make my dyno read what ever I want, but I set it up off a out of the box Predator, and leave it that way.. The number isn't...
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    Dyno tested engine......

    I didn't read all of this, but I have dynoed a lot of engines.. The head will have to have a good porting job to make 20hp.. A hemi head flows about 45 to 46cfm max stock (all that I have flowed have), that wont get close to supporting 20hp on my dyno
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    Which cylinder head do I use?

    The rtc6 head flows the best out of any stock head I have flowed. If your using stock valves, I would use it.. if your putting SS valves, I would use the Honda (and put a 27mm intake valve in it, and do some porting).